Ice balls wash up on Russian coast

Daily Mail

Strange ice balls that washed up on the coast may have been caused by oil pollution, an ecological expert has said. A video shows the strangely uniformly sized ice balls washing up in the Gulf of Finland in north-western Russia. Ecologist Ilya Leukhin told local media that oil spills in the water could have created the ice balls but she was not the only one with a possible explanation for the phenomenon. Yuryi Shahov, who videoed and shared the sight online, said: 'Seems that someone has thrown snowballs into the Gulf.' Some believe that snow was rolled together by the waves, or that what look like ice balls could in fact be stones covered with ice.

9am on Sunday is the most popular time to have sex

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You're not alone if you enjoy morning sex on the Sabbath. New research shows that 9am on a Sunday is the most popular time of the week for British couples to get busy between the sheets. While Tuesday at 9pm is the least desirable opportunity for intimacy, according to a survey of 2,000 adults. The eyebrow-raising research quizzed those in advance of Valentine's Day and provides a very personal insight into typical sexual relations. Commissioned by Superdrug, the results also noted that Saturdays are collectively more popular than every other day.

How to make someone fall in love with you in 3 steps

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Forget being complimentary and tactile, winning someone's affections is a lot simpler than you may think. According to scientists, there's three very basic ways to lure someone - and they're psychologically proven. According to Business Insider, the following science-backed tips can help you lure the partner of your dreams and get them to fall - and stay - in love with you. According to scientists, there's three very basic ways to lure someone and ensure they're in love with you for the long-term According to a Harvard Business School study, nearly 80 per cent of people love to date a'revealer' - someone who confesses embarrassing tales. According to a University of Texas study, goofy jokes builds a shared identity.

Instagram may finally roll out a seek bar to let you skip through videos and rewind

Daily Mail

Tired of sitting through Instagram videos from start to finish? The app may soon have a solution. Instagram is testing out adding a seek bar to videos posted on users' feeds. The feature was spotted by eagle-eyed app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Instagram is testing out adding a seek bar to videos posted on users' feeds.

'Insect apocalypse' sweeps through Russian town in horrifying footage

Daily Mail

A Russian town has been invaded by a plague of flying bugs dubbed an'insect apocalypse'. Swarms of midges have filled the air and covered all exposed surfaces in the port city of Taganrog, some 40 miles from the Ukrainian border in southern Russia. Insects landing on the roads have created a slippery layer about one inch deep, leaving cars skidding and pedestrians falling over. One video showed a man's hand fully covered in these midges - with the only consolation that they do not bite. Known as Chironomidae - and also called chironomids or non-biting midges - they are breeding in small lakes near the city.