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India among global top 10 AI adopters, poised to grow sharply: Study


India is among the top 10 nations in the world in terms of technological advancements and funding in artificial intelligence, according to findings from a study published by The Brookings Institution. While India is outside the top 10 in terms of commercial and research initiatives in artificial intelligence (AI), it ranks sixth in terms of spending and investments on AI made by public, governmental initiatives, as well as private institutes and organisations. The study notes that alongside having increasing adoption of new generation technologies, India is "well positioned from the funding standpoint" – a factor that gives it leverage to quickly achieve faster innovations in AI technologies, and overtake other nations that are leading AI achievements right now. The other nations leading AI achievements ahead of India are USA, China, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Germany. Canada, South Korea and Italy are the other three nations behind India in the top 10 AI adopters list, as per the study.

The power of three: AI, IoT and blockchain


Sherlock Holmes, in his debut appearance in A Study in Scarlet, quipped: "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data." The popular discourse surrounding technology trends is dominated by buzzwords and a promise to change the world. In this scenario, decision makers find themselves struggling to differentiate between hype and reality. Acknowledging this environment, we decided to conduct a study to identify the tech innovations that enterprises should watch out for and why. We began with a list of 12 technologies, going deeper to identify the major trends.

2019 AI Index Report: R&D in AI Continues to Increase - EnterpriseTalk


The US is a leader in investing capital into private AI with nearly US$12 billion. China, which came second with US$6.8 billion investment, also files more AI patents than any other country across the globe and three times more than Japan. The majority of AI patents filed between 2014-2018 were filed in the U.S. and Canada, and 94% of patents are filed in wealthy nations. Mergers and acquisitions worth $37 billion were spurred thanks to AI. At the same time, IPOs worth $34 billion were also associated with AI.

APAC SMBs prioritise remote work support, online sales


Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in Asia view the need for digitalisation and to support a remote workforce as key IT priorities to achieve their operational and growth objectives this year. They face challenges, though, in having to identify alternative sales and delivery channels amidst the global pandemic. Some 41% of SMBs pointed to the need to facilitate remote work as their leading technology strategy in 2021, revealed a study released by Cisco Systems. Conducted by Analysys Mason, the survey polled 1,600 organisations across eight Asia-Pacific markets including China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia, that employed between 50 and 150. The move towards a hybrid workplace was projected to drive these businesses' investment in tools to facilitate their transition, according to the report released Tuesday.

Digital transformation seen as critical business enabler in India: Study - ET CIO


Dell Technologies today released results from a global study that shows organizations are shifting their digital transformation programs into high gear and have already accomplished in a few months what would normally have taken the m years. The findings, updated biennially in the Dell Technologies' Digital Transformation Index (DT Index), indicate organizations are accelerating transformational technology programs during the global COVID-19 pandemic in India. In one of the first global studies to measure business behavior as a result of the pandemic, Dell Technologies' 2020 Index found that 94.7 percent of Indian organizations (Global: 79.7% & APJ: 83.6%) have fast-tracked some digital transformation programs this year and 92.3 percent (Global: 79.3% & APJ: 86%) are re-inventing their business model. The DT Index is a global benchmark indicating organizations' status of digital transformation and their performance across the globe. The survey included 4,300 business leaders (C-suite to Director) from mid-size to enterprise companies across 18 countries.