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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Credit Score 100 Points

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Improving your credit score is one of the best investments that you can make in your financial life. Your credit score may determine whether you qualify for a student loan, mortgage, auto loan or credit card. Your credit score also may be used when you apply for insurance, rent an apartment or purchase a cell phone. It is essential that you obtain a copy of your credit report and check it carefully. The Federal Trade Commission found that 5% of consumers had one or more errors on their credit report.

Top 6 ways to build business credit quickly


Like individuals, businesses have their own credit histories that can affect whether their owners will be approved for credit cards or other lines of credit, whether a business will be approved for certain loans, and more. Having a high business credit score is always better than having a low score, as it provides you with more flexible financing options and opportunities to expand or evolve your business to adapt to new market shifts. However, new businesses always start out with little to no credit history. So it pays to know the top ways to build business credit quickly, especially if you want your business to thrive rather than just survive. You likely already know that your personal credit score ranges from 300 to 850. But business credit scores rise and fall along a different scale: they can go from 0 to 100.

How to build business credit


The face of business continues to change. Even before the pandemic of 2020 hit, business market trends suggested that the growth of e-commerce would continue to be the big wave of the future. Businesses are learning to adapt to changes in the digital marketplace and stay ahead of changes by adopting the innovations of e-commerce. As consumer spending continues to rise, businesses will have to invest to compete. This will require working capital and cash flow to purchase the software and technologies needed to survive in the digital economy.

Importance of knowing your credit risk


Every purchase and swipe indicates spending power. This further carves a route to the buyer's financial standing. With several options for modes of payment available, buyers now have the option to get debited and pay instantaneously or pay later through a credit card or loan. The growing aspirations of the working class have also led to a steady rise in the number of loan seekers. The easy access to credit has driven demand for many sectors as buyers are making the most of low or no-cost EMIs.

Equifax's free credit freeze won't fully protect you, so here's what to do

Los Angeles Times

In the days since the credit reporting agency Equifax disclosed the breach of 143 million consumers' private financial data, howls of outrage have only grown louder. Dozens of potential class-action lawsuits have been filed, Congress has revved up hearings on the breach, and two legislators have promised bills targeting the credit reporting industry. For its part, Equifax is offering consumers a free credit freeze and one year of credit monitoring to compensate for a breach that permanently increases their risk of identity theft. But consumers whose Social Security number or credit card information has been exposed can't wait for reforms or depend on a limited monitoring service. Even those not affected by the breach should proceed as if they were: It's just one of 313 hacking or unintentional disclosures so far this year as tracked by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.