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Militants Kill 8 Iranian Border Guards Near Turkish Border

U.S. News

It did not elaborate on the affiliation of the militants. The area near Turkey and Iraq's borders with Iran has previously been the scene of occasional skirmishes with Kurdish separatist groups as well as extremist Islamic rebels.

Hundreds of Central Americans arrested for tunneling under border barrier, Border Patrol says

FOX News

A group of 376 Central Americans reportedly made their way into the U.S. at the Arizona border this week by using short holes that were dug beneath the barrier, according to Border Patrol. A group of 376 Central Americans reportedly made their way into the U.S. at the Arizona border this week via holes that were dug beneath a barrier, the Border Patrol said. Members of the group were arrested after they entered the country on Monday. They did not attempt to avoid law enforcement prior to their apprehension, the Border Patrol said, according to The Associated Press. MIGRANT CARAVAN FREELY CROSSES MEXICAN BORDER AFTER GATES WERE LEFT OPEN, AUTHORITIES AVOIDED'CONFRONTATION' The crowd of migrants, which reportedly consisted of 176 children, dug under a steel barrier in multiple areas, located to the east of a border crossing in San Luis, according to the agency.

Why are Palestinians protesting near the Israeli-Gaza border?

Al Jazeera

The Great March of Return, a six-week protest near Gaza's border with Israel, is a defiant act of non-violent resistance deeply rooted in the Palestinian struggle, says Al Jazeera's Senior Political Analyst Marwan Bishara. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have gathered near the Israeli border for a second week to demand they be allowed back to the lands they were forced from when Western powers created Israel in 1948. "The Palestinians have seen a number of protests over the decades, some were armed, some were violent, and some were acts of terror," Bishara said. "But most were acts of civil disobedience, peaceful protests, like what we've seen today." He said Friday's protests showed the Palestinians had matured politically, while the Israelis were busy stifling democracy by preventing Palestinians from the West Bank and other areas from joining their "brothers in Gaza".

Bad Math Props Up Trump's Border Wall

MIT Technology Review

While promising to put up a high concrete wall along the Mexican border, Donald Trump said it would cost between 8 billion and 12 billion. That becomes apparent after you look at what's already on the border. After initially proposing to wall off all 2,000 miles, Trump said the wall could run along roughly half of the border, with mountains and other natural barriers blocking immigrants from crossing elsewhere. And on the portion where Trump envisions a wall, there are already 653 miles of fencing--some designed to stop cars, some to stop pedestrians, depending on the likeliest mode of crossing in each section. Building those fences has cost 2.3 billion since 2006.

The Latest: Group of 116 Africans arrested at border

FOX News

This May 29, 2019 photo released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) shows some of 1,036 migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, the largest that the Border Patrol says it has ever encountered. Video shows them going under a chain-link fence to the U.S., where they waited for agents to come. The Border Patrol has encountered 180 groups of more than 100 people since October, compared to 13 during the previous 12-month period and two the year before. Border officials in Texas say a group of 116 Africans was arrested Thursday after wading through the Rio Grande to enter the United States. The migrants were from Angola, Cameroon and other African nations and include families with children and young people who were not with relatives.