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Apple and Samsung fined in Italy for throttling phone performance


Apple found itself in some hot water last year when it was discovered that the company was throttling the performance of older phones. But it look like its Batterygate woes aren't quite over. Italy is fining Apple and Samsung 5 million euros each for intentionally slowing down phones. According to Reuters, Apple was slapped with an additional 5 million euro fine for failing to provide customers information on maintaining and replacing batteries. The purpose of slowing down older phones, according to Apple, was to improve battery life and therefore increase the longevity of older phones.

LG's new X series phones focus on battery, data, screen and style, respectively


When LG announced its new X series of "specialist" smartphones in February, saying each device would focus on precisely one key feature, it wasn't kidding. After launching two such phones in March -- LG X cam and LG X screen -- it has now announced four more devices. The new phones, called X power, X mach, X style and X max, focus on battery life, data transfer speed, stylish looks and screen size, respectively. SEE ALSO: LG's new fingerprint sensor doesn't need a button In its press release, LG did not release a full set of specs for any of the devices. Here's what we do know, though: LG didn't make it clear which phone on the photo is which, but we can assure you that one of them has a large battery, one is stylish, one has fast data transfer, and one has a large screen.

The crazy reason nearly every phone in Japan is waterproof


Waterproof phones may be all the rage now, but people in Japan have been used to their devices being able to take a swim for over a decade already. Users in the country got used to having smartphones years before Western counterparts. Manufacturers had to make phones waterproof because Japanese women were so attached to their phones they brought them into shower. SEE ALSO: It's 2015 and we want our electronics to be waterproof As a result, nearly every phone in for the Japanese market has been made waterproof, to meet standard expectations. Even Korea's LG, which doesn't make -- and doesn't plan to make -- its phones waterproof for the global market, has been doing so in Japan.

More Samsung foldable phone rumors: The first one may arrive in 2017


Samsung foldable phone rumors might be forming a bit more solidity. As originally reported by the South Korea-based Electronic Times and spotted by Android Headlines, the company is developing a pair of foldable dual-screen phones for possible release next year. The company seems eager to move beyond traditional handset designs--and perhaps away from products associated with exploding batteries. Like the curved Galaxy Round and the original Note 4 Edge, Samsung apparently won't be mass-producing these phones at the start. Rather, the company will release limited editions to gauge interest before making a bigger commitment.