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1 Critically Injured When Hot Air Balloon Has Hard Landing

U.S. News

Peter Knudson, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, tells The Denver Post that two pilots and nine passengers were aboard the balloon when it touched down east of Hartsel on Friday morning. The balloon, operated by Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides, collapsed when it landed.

Hot-Air Balloons Are Useless

The Atlantic - Technology

The first hot-air balloons drew huge crowds, inspiring onlookers to cry, laugh, even faint. One witness wrote, "Since these exhibitions, there seems to prevail a kind of aerial phrenzy among us. The term'balloon' is not only in the mouth of everyone, but all our world seems to be in the clouds." For some, the new invention was the culmination of Enlightenment science, the pinnacle of human ingenuity. Grand schemes abounded: using balloons to carry mail, to improve cartography, to bombard enemy fortifications.

Videos Show Hot Air Balloons Flying Dangerously Close To Ground In Residential Neighborhood

International Business Times

Residents of a southern California city had a bit of an aircraft scare Tuesday, but not with airplanes or helicopters. Instead, people in Yucaipa, California, were afraid that two hot air balloons would collide with their homes or other buildings as they flew dangerously close to the ground, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Trial balloons


Stratospheric balloons are a low-cost way to get above 99% of the atmosphere. Payloads lifted that high have wide views of Earth and clear views of the stars. For decades, NASA has launched a handful of stratospheric balloons every year. Although they float for months, they drift at constant altitudes. Now, upstart commercial companies like World View are launching smaller balloons that can remain in place by surfing stratospheric winds.

Please do your best to avoid the huge moon balloon rolling through China


It's much easier to shoot for the moon when it's on the ground, rolling toward you. A giant moon-shaped balloon, caught in the winds of Typhoon Meranti blew through the streets of Fuzhou, China, this morning. The balloon was initially a part of a display installed outside of a shopping mall to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Thursday, reports Buzzfeed. Huge moon balloon blown away in Fuzhou, E China, as #TyphoonMeranti approaches. This balloon was spotted rolling over cars and people as it was lifted throughout the town.