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Wearing a mask on their faces, 2 robbers smashed the walls of the jewellery showroom and looted gold and diamond jewelleries worth INR 13 crores (USD 1.8 million). This robbery shook Tamilnadu as the store had CCTV and watchmen to prevent such mishaps. "CCTVs are like eyes without brains" says Heptagon's co-founder & C.E.O Vijayramkumar Veeraraghavan In this video,Vijay introduces A.I. based Video Analytics and Surveillance Platform - Focus Sentinel, to prevent such mishaps from happening in the future. Reach out to to know more.

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We are integrating Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Aware software and patented Avigilon video analytics, to add a new level of video and data intelligence for first responders.

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Avigilon in the news: Over 140 Avigilon cameras with self-learning video analytics have recently been installed at Grandview High School to help keep over 1,200 students safer.

All Seeing AI: Video Analytics in Action TechNative


If you have an iPhone X or a Windows Hello-capable device, like the Surface, you'll know just how seamless these capabilities can make your experience. These advanced systems, coupled with falling storage costs and better compression algorithms have enabled organisations to capture and analyze a remarkable amount of video. Throw in artificial intelligence tools are now widely used to analyze video without requiring time-intensive human interaction. Modern tools are making video analytics a no brainer in a number of fields. Stores already invest heavily to prevent theft, with burly security guards and CCTV becoming ubiquitous in any mall.

The Guide on Making a Suitable Footage for Video-analytic AI


The equation here is simple: "SHIT IN -- SHIT OUT" (sorry for the language). The more image data (pixels) you provide to the system, the better it recognizes the objects in it. These are considered the ideal resolutions. Generally GoodVision can handle lower resolutions all way down to VGA. However, lower resolutions go hand in hand with low-quality optics and low bitrate, causing the object contours are not crisp (are blurry) or do not resemble the object from the real world.