Stock Price Prediction Based on Machine Learning: Returns up to 19.84% in 3 Days


This forecast is part of the By Country Package, as one of I Know First's algorithmic trading tools. Package Name: By Country โ€“ Israeli Stocks Recommended Positions: Long Forecast Length: 3 Days (01/07/2019 โ€“ 01/10/2019) I Know First Average: 6.85% For this 3 Days forecast the algorithm had successfully predicted 10 out of 10 movements. The highest trade return came from CGEN, at 19.84%. The suggested trades for PLX and WIX also had notable 3 Days yields of 15.60% and 8.71%, respectively.

Stock Market Forecast: Chaos Theory Revealing How the Market Works


Common fallacies about markets claim markets are unpredictable. However, chaos theory together with powerful algorithms proves such statements are wrong. Markets are chaotic systems with complex dynamics, yet to a certain extent we can make valid stock market forecasts. Using these forecasts generated by cutting-edge predictive algorithms together with a careful risk management strategy may give a trader a significant competitive advantage. Looking at the common fallacies about stock markets, we can see two major groups.

Tech Stocks Based on Machine Learning: Returns up to 56.23% in 3 Months


This Tech Stock forecast is based on stock picking strategies for investors and analysts who need predictions for the 10 best tech stocks in the Technology Industry (see Tech Stocks Package). Package Name: Tech Stocks Forecast Recommended Positions: Long Forecast Length: 3 Months (9/29/2019 โ€“ 12/30/2019) I Know First Average: 22.14% In this 3 Months forecast for the Package, there were many high performing trades and the algorithm correctly predicted 10 out 10 trades. The greatest return came from SWKS at 56.23%. Additional high returns came from NVDA and PDFS, at 35.26% and 28.77% respectively. The overall average return in this Tech Stocks Forecast package was 22.14%, providing investors with a 13.38% premium over the S&P 500's return of 8.76% during the same period.

Stock Market Forecast: AI Algorithm Shows Accuracy Up To 95% On Predicting Facebook Price Movements


The deep learning predictive AI algorithm developed by I Know First has shown an accuracy of up to 95% in its predictions for Facebook (FB). The deep learning predictive AI algorithm developed by I Know First, a Fintech company that provides state of the art self-learning AI-based algorithmic stock market forecast solutions to uncover the best investment opportunities, has shown an accuracy of up to 95% in its predictions for Facebook (FB). That is according to aFacebook stock forecastevaluation report published by the company on August 25, 2019. The algorithm has demonstrated a higher accuracy rate for longer-term forecasts, as is often the case for predictive AI. "We provide AI-based forecasts for different time horizons. Machine learning algorithms do better on longer time horizons: the longer the time period, the greater the statistical significance and the greater the accuracy." said I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher.

Stocks skid as weaker forecast sends oil prices lower

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SLIMMING DOWN: Weight Watchers International slumped 45 cents, or 4.3 percent, to 9.91 after the weight loss company said CEO James Chambers will step down at the end of the month. Chambers has been its CEO since 2013. Weight Watchers more than doubled after the company announced an alliance with Oprah Winfrey, who has touted the company's products, bought a 10 percent stake, and joined the board of directors. But the stock has given up some of its gains lately. Weight Watchers said Winfrey will be part of the committee that names its next CEO.