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Learn to format, write, and market your screenplay with this course


TL;DR: Work on your writing skills with the online course Screenwriting Made Easy for $28.99, an 85% savings as of Aug. 12. Great works of art are often created during times of complete chaos. When people are forced to stop, reflect, and think of new ways to use their voices in the world, the results can be truly amazing. While you may not have thought of yourself as a screenwriter thus far in your lifetime, now may be your moment. And if cinema is your medium of choice, this Screenwriting Made Easy: 2020 Beginner Course could be your ticket to (virtual) Sundance.

All the best free online courses and tutorials on Udemy


TL;DR: As of March 2, a wide range of online courses and tutorials are available for free on Udemy. We have been completely and utterly spoiled in the past few weeks. There have been absolutely loads of opportunities to take top online courses for free recently, and they just keep coming. Udemy has dropped another batch of free online courses and tutorials, covering topics like accounting, bookkeeping, and photo editing. You can also take a bunch of free coding courses on everything from JavaScript to HTML.

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp Udemy


Welcome to the Modern Python 3 Bootcamp! I've launched my fair share of Udemy courses, but I've never done anything quite this crazy. This course is a unique experience on Udemy. There are dozens of existing Python courses you can choose from, but this course is the only one that has nearly 200 interactive challenges you can complete right here in your browser. I didn't just tack on a couple of exercises at the end; this course is fully built around the coding exercises.

Beginners Course Selling: How I Make My Online Courses Sell


By the end of this course, you will be able to design a powerful course landing page that get's students to enroll in your course. The methods and formulas I teach you in this course have got me great results. My name is Ian Stables. I have more than 100,000 students and have so far created 37 courses,. When I started on Udemy, I had to discover what got students to enroll in my course. I created a so-so promotional video.