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Protesters block entrances to Bay Bridge, march in Beverly Hills, L.A. and other locations

Los Angeles Times

Protests over police violence continued Saturday across California, ranging from small events in Beverly Hills and downtown Los Angeles to a larger one in the Bay Area. Several hundred protesters took to the streets of San Francisco, blocking several roads and freeway on-ramps to the Bay Bridge. The California Highway Patrol twice closed access to the bridge Saturday afternoon when protesters took over two freeway ramps, causing a traffic backup. The group began marching from the city's Hall of Justice to the downtown shopping area, causing a temporary shutdown of a popular mall as the crowd gathered there to chant slogans and make speeches. More than 200 people on Friday gathered outside the state Capitol for a small but passionate Black Lives Matter rally, hours after at least five Dallas police officers and multiple people were wounded in a sniper attack.

The Game, Snoop Dogg lead peaceful march to LAPD headquarters, where recruit graduation is underway

Los Angeles Times

Rappers and Los Angeles-area natives The Game and Snoop Dogg led a unification march for men of color Friday morning to the LAPD's graduation of its newest officers, hours after five Dallas police officers were shot and killed and seven others were wounded during a sniper attack. The Game posted on his Instagram account a call for black, Mexican and men of all races to march to the LAPD headquarters to "make the Californian & it's (sic) law branches aware that from today forward, we will be UNIFIED as minorities and we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us!!!" He said women and children should stay away, "THIS IS OUR MISSION FOR THEM," he wrote. The Game, a Compton native whose legal name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, said in his announcement the march had to be peaceful . "Do not: bring any weapons or anything illegal.

Black Lives Matter Activists Continue Protests After Dallas Shooting, Philandro Castile And Alton Sterling Deaths

International Business Times

Activists and social justice groups across the U.S. were moving forward with anti-police brutality protests and community events this week after two unarmed black men were killed by police and a lone gunman attacked a crowd of police officers in Dallas. Organizers such as Daunasia Yancey, founder of the Boston chapter of Black Lives Matter, said the events represent an opportunity to heal wounds and demand justice through non-violence. "It's not just protesting, it's not just voting, it's all of these things and also hearing ourselves and processing the trauma, the secondary trauma we deal with and being able to talk about what is going on and how it affects us on the day to day," she said in a phone interview Friday. Police killed Alton Sterling, 37, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tuesday in a fatal shooting that was captured on video by a bystander. The next day Philando Castile, 32, was killed in Falcon Heights outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, and his girlfriend shared the aftermath of the shooting in real time on Facebook.

Snoop Dogg, the Game lead march to LAPD headquarters


In response to the fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, rappers Snoop Dogg and the Game led a peaceful march on Friday to LAPD headquarters, where a new class of officers were graduating. The Game announced the march -- which he called Operation H.U.N.T. -- in an Instagram post on Friday, sending a call to action to "all African American men, Mexican American men & any other race of real men with heart." He specifically instructed them to not bring any weapons and not to come "high or belligerent." "Objective: to make the Californian government & it's law branches aware the from today forward, we will be UNIFIED as minorities & we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us!!!," he wrote. "Let's erase the fear of one another on both sides & start something new here in the city of Los Angeles, a city we all love & share!"

Trevor Noah: 'You can be pro-cop and pro-black'

Los Angeles Times

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah gave an impassioned speech on Thursday night's episode of "The Daily Show" in the wake of the police-involved killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. In the seven-minute monologue, the South African comedian opined that it often seems that you can't speak about an issue without being forced onto a particular side. "It always feels like, in America, if you take a stand for something, you automatically are against something else," Noah said, going on to detail how people choose between dogs or cats, the Yankees or the Red Sox. "You can be pro-cop and pro-black," Noah said. "It's what we should all be.