What would California's proposed single-payer healthcare system mean for me?

Los Angeles Times

Caroline Elam holds up a mock prescription order calling for passage of SB562, a single-payer healthcare bill, during a march to the Capitol on April 26 in Sacramento. Caroline Elam holds up a mock prescription order calling for passage of SB562, a single-payer healthcare bill, during a march to the Capitol on April 26 in Sacramento. The prospect of a universal single-payer healthcare system in California -- in which the state covers all residents' healthcare costs -- has enthralled liberal activists, exasperated business interests and upended the political landscape in the state Capitol. But some are still trying to sort out what exactly all the fuss is about. Let's start with some caveats.

Trump's Australian Healthcare System Comment Earns Rebuke From Bernie Sanders

International Business Times

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump may differ on almost everything under the sun, but it looks like they have found common ground – their appreciation for the Australian healthcare system. President Trump met Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Thursday soon after the House of Representatives passed a controversial Republican bill to overhaul the health care system in the U.S. and praised Australia for having a better system in place. "It could get maybe even better," Trump said as he discussed the bill sitting next to the Australian PM in New York City. The premiums are gonna come down very substantially." Read: Bernie Sanders Says Trump's Tax Plan Makes Rigged System Worse "The deductibles are going to come down.

Another downside to U.S. healthcare system: Way more opportunities for fraud

Los Angeles Times

The indictment is eye-opening on a number of levels, not least the extremes this California business owner allegedly went to in order to pad his own pockets and enrich investors -- all at the expense of insurers, which pass along costs to policyholders, and people with diabetes, who struggle daily with a chronic disease that's the country's seventh-leading cause of death.

Healthcare Websites and Patient Engagement


As part of our ongoing work in healthcare, LiquidHub routinely surveys and assesses healthcare sites related to pharma, health insurance, hospitals, and healthcare systems. This report is focused on hospital and healthcare systems, specifically assessing publicly available content. We apply a rigorous methodology to competitive and comparative reviews, looking across the entire public facing digital brand ecosystem, following the customer/patient journey from consideration through transaction and usage. This exploration is about understanding the sites' experience on a holistic level.

Bernie's healthcare policies already won the 2020 election

Al Jazeera

Just a few years ago Sanders' call for'Medicare far all' was deemed too extreme, but things are very different now. When all is said and done, there may be as many as two dozen Democratic hopefuls for the 2020 presidential nomination. But nearly all of them will have one thing in common: they'll be trumpeting one of Bernie Sanders' signature causes - upending our healthcare system in favour of a single payer system. We progressives call it, Medicare for All. Since 2016, when the Independent senator from Vermont used his White House bid to call for Medicare for All so that all Americans have access to high-quality healthcare, the Democratic Party has bolted to the left.