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VMware's Project Arctic aims to make hybrid cloud the default operating model


VMware on Tuesday announced Project Arctic, a technology preview of a new architecture for its vSphere virtualization software. Project Arctic effectively makes hybrid cloud the default operating model. It natively integrates cloud connectivity into vSphere, allowing customers to leverage cloud services for any workloads running on vSphere, including on premise ones. Customers will be able to leverage unlimited cloud capacity on demand and access VMware cloud services through vCenter. Project Arctic showcases how VMware is evolving its products to support customers' multi-cloud strategies.

Dell builds tighter VMware integrations for cloud, app modernization


Dell Technologies on Tuesday rolled out a series of updates to its products and services deeply integrated with VMware, the software company within its portfolio that serves as the linchpin to Dell's cloud effort. Specifically, Dell announced updates to Dell Technologies Cloud, portfolio updates to better support VMware's Tanzu platform for app modernization, as well as updates to its storage and data protection portfolio for VMware workloads. The announcements were timed to coincide with VMware's annual VMworld conference, which is virtual this year. Dell Technologies holds an 81 percent stake in VMware -- and it may spin off VMware, so it can monetize its stake in the virtualization company. Still, VMware is critical to Dell's multi-cloud efforts.

Multi-cloud still front of mind for VMware


This week at VMworld 2020, VMware announced new innovations to help customers build, run, manage, connect, and protect any app on any cloud. According to the company, over 15 million enterprise workloads run on VMware in the cloud. "VMware has reached a major milestone in its plan to unlock the power of every cloud for every business. We now support customers' application strategies by delivering VMware-based services on every major public cloud provider and hundreds of VMware Cloud Verified partners worldwide," VMware chief operating officer of products and cloud services Raghu Raghuram said. "As we drive our strategy forward, we are expanding our portfolio of cloud infrastructure, operations, and security services to enable faster application migration and modernisation, and better business agility, and resiliency."

VMware streamlines app modernisation in multi-cloud environments


VMware has kicked off its virtual VMworld 2021 conference with a slew of announcements focused on helping customers overcome common challenges when building applications, particularly in the era of Kubernetes. "A lack of experience and expertise with Kubernetes is the number one challenge that organisations are facing with trying to adopt Kubernetes," VMware Tanzu product marketing lead Dormain Drewitz told media. "We also know that the way practitioners are learning is they're learning by doing, and so making that easier for our customers and users to learn by doing, we want them to be able to learn by doing with us." To help overcome these challenges, VMware has introduced Tanzu Community Edition, a freely available Kubernetes platform for learners and users. The open-source software, which is the same one used in the Tanzu Commercial Edition, can be installed and configured on a local workstation or cloud of choice, and automates end-to-end application delivery. "Something that's important about the Community Edition is that this is not trialware; this is freely available software that's community-supported, but it's a better experience than what folks get, if they're trying to go pick through all the different components of the container ecosystem that's out there," Drewitz said.

VMware plots 'modern network' strategy with Project Antrea, new features for Tanzu service mesh


VMware on Monday announced several updates to its virtual networking products and services, including new capabilities across its service mesh, Tanzu, SD-WAN, and Project Monterey products. In Tanzu, VMware is announcing a new attribute-based policy model for its service mesh technology. Tanzu is VMware's portfolio for building and managing modern applications, and its service mesh technology lives within that product line. Service mesh technology is meant to function as a control point between containers, ensuring that individual containers are allowed to communicate with each other. It also allows developers to understand data such as performance and response time.