You Can Hack That: How to Use Hackathons to Solve Your Toughest Chall…


The word "hackathon" comes from both "hack" and "marathon." If you think of a "hack" as a creative solution and "marathon" as a continuous, often competitive event, you're at the heart of what a hackathon is about. Hackathons can be used to develop new processes, products, ways of thinking, or ways of engaging stakeholders and partners, with benefits ranging from solving tough problems to broader cultural and organizational improvements. This playbook was designed to make hackathons accessible to everyone. That means not only can all kinds of organizations benefit from hackathons, but that all kinds of employees inside those groups--executives, project managers, designers, or engineers--should participate and can benefit, too.

What Are The Best Practices While Participating In Data Science Hackathons


Hackathons have evolved into swag fests – aimed at celebrating and engaging the data science community in India and centred around solving unique business problems. Overall, it is also a great way of honing the data science skills, learn something new, identify areas that one needs to shore up, make a headway on business-centric problems, build reputation in the community, and finally win some cash and earn bragging rights. In India, hackathons have peaked in the last couple of years, turning into glitzy corporate-backed events, allowing developers to push their personal boundaries by providing a supportive environment to do so. According to a report from HackerEarth, India hosted the second highest number of hackathons over the last two years. From workshops to fireside chats, exposure to new technology and access to quality mentorships, hackathons are the new stomping ground for developers and newbies seeking internships, job opportunities and participants from startups even volley for the VCs attention.

5 Popular Hackathon Platforms Data Scientists Should Know About


Hackathons have become a new and efficient way of hiring professionals in areas of machine learning, AI and data science, especially for talent-starved mid-sized to smaller companies. Since the practical know-how of various tools and techniques matters during the hiring stage, hackathons have become a perfect way to zero-down on the ideal candidate with a mix of data science and programming skills. Hackathons are also a go-to solution for tech enthusiasts and beginners keen on learning new skills and scoring hands-on experience in real-life business scenarios and develop both programming and problem-solving skills. It is also a good way to know the latest trends in IT community. In this article, we list down popular machine learning hackathon platforms which boast of a formidable user base of machine learning enthusiasts, interesting datasets and problem statements.

Sociologists Examine Hackathons, and See Exploitation


As the gospel of Silicon Valley-style disruption spreads to every sector in the economy, so too have the industry's favorite competitive ritual, hackathons. The contests, where small teams of "hackers" build tech products in marathon all-night coding sessions, are a hallmark of Silicon Valley culture. Recall Facebook's most famous hackathon, thrown on the eve of its IPO to show the world that the demands of being a public company would not kill the "hacker way" at One Hacker Way. Even New York Fashion Week and the Vatican have hosted hackathons. They've become part of a "toolkit" for large organizations seeking a veneer of innovation.

The NBA is holding its first hackathon - should your company, too?


Companies large and small have already embraced the hackathon as a way to foster collaboration and innovation, and now the NBA has announced that it's jumping on board. Scheduled to take place next month in New York, the NBA's first-ever event is open to undergraduate and graduate student statisticians, developers and engineers in the U.S. who are interested in building basketball analytics tools. Participants will present their work to a panel of expert judges and an audience of NBA League Office and team personnel. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams, including a tour of the NBA League Office and a lunch with NBA staff. Once considered a decidedly alternative approach, hackathons are becoming a mainstream corporate tool.