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IoT (Internet of Things) for Public Safety Market Insights on Trends, Drivers and Opportunities by 2024 & Top Companies: Microsoft, IBM, NEC, ThroughTek, Iskratel, Securens Global Market Release


IoT (Internet of Things) for Public Safety Market research Report is a valuable supply of perceptive information for business strategists. This IoT (Internet of Things) for Public Safety Market study provides comprehensive data which enhances the understanding, scope and application of this report. A specified study of the competitive landscape of the global IoT (Internet of Things) for Public Safety Market has alloted, offering insights into the company profiles, financial status, recent developments, mergers and acquisitions, and the SWOT analysis. This research report can provides a clear plan to readers concerning about the overall market scenario to further decide on this market projects. This report studies the global IoT (Internet of Things) for Public Safety Market status and forecast, categorizes the global IoT (Internet of Things) for Public Safety Market size (value & volume), revenue (Million USD), product price by manufacturers, type, application, and region.

Global Crowd Analytics Market dynamics and business Insights 2019: Walkbase, SPIGIT, INC., Sightcorp, Wavestore, Nokia, AGT International GmbH – Rise Media


The report for crowd analytics market include detailed vendor level analysis for market shares in 2016 for Global, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America specifically. Also impact and development analysis of key vendors is registered in the market and factored on the basis of Vendor Positioning Grid Analysis which measures the vendors strengths and opportunities against present market challenges, measure providers ability to identify or satisfy present market needs, map providers market vision to current and upcoming market dynamics among others. The report also measures technology life line curve and market time line to analyze and do more affective investments. To stay ahead of the competition, a thorough idea about the competitive landscape, their product range, their strategies, and future prospects are very valuable. This Crowd Analytics market research report involves a key data and information about the market, emerging trends, product usage, motivating factors for customers and competitors, restraints, brand positioning, and customer behaviour, which is of utmost importance when it comes to achieving a success in the competitive marketplace.

AI in Fintech Market Comprehensive Insights 2018 to 2025


Global AI in Fintech Market Insights, Forecast to 2025 covered key market updates, the impact of regulations and technological updates in new startups entering the space of Global AI in Fintech need to carefully pick their niches and genres so that they can compete on an equal footing with global companies who have an end to end development studios, production capabilities and global skills and experience backing them. New vendors in the market are facing tough competition from established international vendors as they struggle with technological innovations, reliability and quality issues. The report will answer questions about the current market developments and the scope of competition, opportunity cost and more. Characterized in a ground-up manner, the report presents an extensive synopsis of the market in view of the factors that are foreseen to have a considerable and measurable impact on the market's developmental states over the conjecture time frame. The prominent players in the global AI in Fintech market are Microsoft (US), Google (California, US), (US), IBM (US), Intel (US), Amazon Web Services (US), Inbenta Technologies (US), IPsoft (US), Nuance Communications (US),

Global Market Value of Artificial Intelligence to Hit US$1.2 trillion in 2018 Analytics Insight


According to Gartner, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is going to be worth US$1.2 trillion in 2018, with an impressive 70% increase from 2017. The market growth will be driven by improved customer experience, new revenue generation and cost reduction by companies. Through technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Virtual agents, Chatbots, etc., simple customer care operations and requests will be set in motion at a much faster rate this year. Even minor league IT companies are now venturing into AI software designed to reduce mundane human tasks and replace former almost-redundant technologies. For instance, AI can take over simple tasks from call centers offering customer care helplines, thus reducing major costs for them.