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Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence


Intelligence (AI) has enabled healthcare providers to take enlightened decisions via proactive data analysis and targeted advice. Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence have tremendous potential to re-shape global healthcare scenario in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence enables healthcare software to remotely analyze patient's vital statistics and automate certain tasks based on AI algorithms. For example in AI-based decisions, automation is to analyze certain health data and trigger alert indicating health conditions of patient. Such intelligent systems not only help identify high-risk conditions but can proactively alert patient of any upcoming abnormality.

5 Mobile Health Trends to Expect In 2018!


Innovation and the use of new technologies have changed industries tremendously. As the world becomes progressively interconnected, adoption of technology has become the defining factor for the modern healthcare environment. With digital transformation becoming a big part of the healthcare industry, individuals can live healthier lives. Many modern technologies have already solved challenges regarding patient monitoring, patient-to-doctor communication, data management, medication adherence, etc. All these have only been possible with the effective use mHealth technologies.

Expansion of Mobility, Cloud and Telemedicine in Digital Healthcare


Healthcare is a human-intensive, regimented industry with a lot of protocols and processes. This is also the problem statement because as much as healthcare is demanded in the country, there are not enough ways to serve it. Digital helps us reduce these constraints in healthcare delivery. To put it in simple terms, digital means the utilization of technologies that can transform healthcare delivery.

Big Data in Healthcare Industry


In a previous article, we introduced Big Data, defined what is, its market presence, and its role in creating social good. Continuing along the same lines, we will talk about another field in which Big Data is playing a big role: The Healthcare industry.

Applying analytics to clinical data


Sue Siegel is the CEO of GE Ventures, Licensing & Healthymagination at GE. Advanced technologies and the rapid adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) are enabling the physical world to merge with the digital, leading to explosive growth in the volume and quality of clinical data. Cognified care is the application of analytics to transform this newly available digitized clinical data into knowledge that can revolutionize healthcare (see the example of Jamie below). The emergence of smartphones and the app economy have led consumers to expect convenient, high-quality service in multiple industries -- retail, travel, education, media and entertainment, among others. This same revolution has not happened yet in healthcare, but it is imminent thanks to cognified care. The result will be a transformation of healthcare, leading to four major benefits: personalized care, a value-based system, care anywhere and improved outcomes.