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Facts about Artificial Intelligence - an introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular subjects that is widely discussed today. I have in this article discussed some of the interesting facts about artificial intelligence such as, what is Artificial Intelligence, how does artificial intelligence work, applications of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence future, benefits of artificial intelligence, disadvantages of artificial intelligence and more, to provide a broad introduction to artificial intelligence. Since the invention of computer it's capability to perform various tasks has been growing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science designed to create intelligent machines that behave like humans. Thus, the development of AI started with the intention of creating similar intelligence in machines that we find in human beings.

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives in numerous ways and for the most part, the changes have been for the better. Things are now becoming more and more automated and the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are expanding each and every day. Today, in the world of technology there are not many realms which have not been touched by Artificial Intelligence. The domains which were conventionally thought to be dominated by humans like creativity, research etc. have also been stormed by Artificial Intelligence. But the rise of the so-called "machine intelligence" or "artificial intelligence" has witnessed a simultaneous outbreak of some pressing concerns as well.

Artificial Intelligence: Real challenge for traders


Vikas Singhania Trade Smart Online Financial markets globally are changing not only in terms of price movements, informed participants, increased money flow and volatility but also structurally. While the others have always been a part of changing markets, it is the structural change that has the tendency of being disruptive in nature. The first sign of change was visible in Chicago that was the last bastion of open outcry trading system. This summer Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group closed most of its trading pits after 167 years. Algorithmic trading has fast replaced humans, accounting for nearly 70 per cent of trading volumes in leading exchanges globally.

Artificial Intelligence: A Paradox – Data Driven Investor – Medium


John McCarthy coined the term "Artificial Intelligence" in 1955, throwing light on the question, "Can a machine think?" The term can be simply defined as intelligence displayed by machines, especially computer systems to make human effort much easier. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world today with smart robots, self-driving cars and body trackers. Though the revolution started with automating basic human tasks such as doing calculations with a calculator or solving logistic problems with a computerized system, through the years, there has been an explosion in this field, with artificial intelligence making huge breakthroughs in medicinal diagnosis machines, energy optimization machines and manufacturing machines to name a few. A much simpler indicator of the boom of artificial intelligence is of its growing importance as a career, the subject itself is being taught in many universities today.

Will AI Replace Humans In Customer Engagement?


In a dystopian future, it's easy to imagine that robots have taken over, turning humans into a sluggish race. But this vision is far more suited to science fiction than it is reality. While artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly fueling massive changes across industries, it is scaremongering to say that it will replace humans. In reality, it is much more likely that humans and machines will work in unison -- at the end of the day, humans and machines are good at fundamentally different things. AI only follows mathematical models of thought.