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The best home security system


For this article, we considered only self-installed wireless security systems with continuous professional monitoring via a cellular connection. Professional monitoring means that someone is always available to respond to an alarm and can contact local emergency services for you if necessary. Most home insurance companies offer premium discounts for monitored alarm systems, but not for unmonitored ones. A cellular connection means the system can't be disabled by cutting your landline or cable connection. The control panel also needs a battery backup, so the system still works if your power goes out.

Best home security systems of 2019


The one crime statistic that is falling across the US year-on-year is burglary, and that's because homeowners are turning to home-based security systems that can help prevent crime. It's not just about trying to deter opportunists, but also making sure that even determined burglars will have difficulty forcing their way into your home without being caught. Yet there's such a wide array of home security options available to the homeowner, from CCTV and security cameras, to monitoring solutions, it can all seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are an increasing number of all-in-one solutions that use the latest technology to bring together different aspects of surveillance, monitoring, and prevention, to help homeowners feel safer. What's even better is that you no longer need a complicated setup of monitoring cameras, as most modern security systems are unobtrusive, easy to install and use, and even stylish.

TrackNet Tabs review: Security and location tracking in one very capable system


Ever wonder what would happen if you combined a basic security system with the tracking power of a gadget like Tile? Tabs, a new system from TrackNet, aims to meld the two in a bid to simplify the often complex world of smart-home management. And for the most part, it pulls it off.

What is the true cost of a home security system


When considering the cost of a home alarm system, consider the value of monitoring when your packages have been delivered to avoid theft or see when someone approaches your home through your doorbell. If the system detects a water leak or smoke before it causes too much damage, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Add home automation functionality, and you'll be able to remotely open and close your doors, turn your lights off and on, and check-in through your security cameras to see how your family or your pets are doing. When asking yourself, "how much does a home security system cost" the conveniences and peace of mind are priceless. In concrete terms, how much is a security system?

Arlo's Security System has a keypad you can activate with a tap of your phone


Many security systems come with sensors you can attach to your home's windows and doors to monitor for break-ins. One of the limitations of those devices is that they typically only include one monitoring function. In the long run, that's something that can cost you extra money if you move and end up with too many of one sensor and not enough of another. Security camera maker Arlo may have an elegant solution for that problem. At CES 2022, the company introduced a security system that includes an all-in-one multi-sensor with eight monitoring functions.