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Boomerang study reveals how to send an email that won't be ignored

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Mondays aren't just hard on you, they are also tough on your emails. A new study found that we tend to make more errors on the first day of the week - specifically typos in the subject line. The research also found that the chances of getting a response to an email with mistakes in the subject line drops by 14 percent. New research has found that most of use tend to make more errors on Monday, specifically typos in the subject line. A new study reveals that Monday is the worst day to send emails.

GDPR email subject lines sound even more desperate than your ex lovers


Cast your eye through the reams of unread emails currently rattling around your personal inbox and you'll see a string of subject lines resembling break-up texts. If your inbox is anything like mine in the run-up to GDPR coming into effect on 25 May, then your inbox will be bursting with subject lines like: "is it really over," "no more secrets between us," "please don't go," "don't let this be goodbye," and "let's be friends." Nope it's not our thirsty exes that have come a-calling: It's GDPR knocking at our door. Or, rather, brands complying with Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation by asking us if we'd like to remain subscribed to their emails. Some brands have opted for a to-the-point approach by simply titling their emails with things like "changes to our privacy policy" or "opt-in to receive our emails."

6 Examples of AI in Email Marketing Marketing Insider Group


As digital marketing methods go, email marketing is somewhat of a dinosaur. Email has been around since the 1970s and people have been using it for commercial purposes for almost as long. While email marketing may not be as exciting as some of the newer options available in digital marketing, it's still one of the most popular methods. The reason for this is simple – it works. While technology has moved on, we still read email every day.

Persado Props: The Best Email Subject Lines of 2017


"[brand] invites you to be part of our inner circle" This brand looking to increase its email list made consumers feel special and important with an exclusivity-based subject line to give potential members a taste of VIP treatment. "It conveys the sense of belonging to a very elite group and getting privileges that others won't get," Dessenon said. "FOUND: Your statement coat of the season" Dessenon commended the use of FOUND to evoke fascination. "[It] help[s] the recipient feel like the brand has solved a problem for him or her," she noted. "The all-caps'FOUND' catches the eye and also is a subtle play on'LOST' posters."

Researchers say our personality defines how we deal with messages

Daily Mail - Science & tech

For many, email is an essential service, but it is also a source of stress. A new study reveals that your personality plays a key role in what you find stressful about the digital messages and how you use the tool. Researchers found those with a big picture focus tend to check their inbox on holidays, over the weekend and outside of work hours - they are also more stressed than their counterparts. A study finds that your personality plays a key role in what you find stressful about the digital messages and how you use the service. These findings are being presented at the British Psychological Society's Division of Occupational Psychology annual conference in Liverpool by John Hackston from OPP Ltd, a business psychology provider.