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Science and Commercial Satellites Launched From California

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Called GRACE-FO, for short, the mission will detect the movement of Earth's water masses and changes in mass within the planet by measuring variations in gravity through tiny fluctuations in the distance between the two satellites as they orbit 137 miles (220 kilometers) apart -- roughly the distance between Los Angeles and San Diego -- at an altitude of about 304 miles (490 kilometers).

10 Commercial Satellites Launched From California

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The six SkySat satellites and four miniature Dove satellites -- each about the size of a loaf of bread -- were bound for orbits 310 miles (500 kilometers) above the Earth to join dozens of other satellites that provide streams of data to San Francisco-based Planet Labs Inc.

Reused Rocket Carries Satellites Into Orbit From California

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Jimmy Golen, a sports writer for The Associated Press in Boston who was in Southern California for the holidays, said he and other tourists saw the long, glowing contrail while touring Warner Bros. studio in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank.

Vast smoky pall from California wildfires spotted by NASA satellite

FOX News

Crews make progress in deadly California wildfire fight; Claudia Cowan reports from Solano County. A vast smoky pall from California's wildfires has been spotted from space by NASA's Terra satellite. A remarkable image captured by the satellite on Aug. 24 shows smoke from hundreds of fires stretching across much of the state. Since Aug. 15, hundreds of fires have burned nearly 2,000 square miles, an area roughly the size of Delaware. The blazes have killed at least seven people, burned some 1,300 homes and other buildings, and prompted evacuation orders that still affect about 140,000 people.