Police Say They Arrested Lecturer Who Smelled of Alcohol

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The philosophy and religious studies lecturer is charged with public intoxication, second offense. Knight didn't immediately return a message Friday from The Associated Press. Online court records don't list the name of an attorney who could comment for him. The 56-year-old Knight is scheduled to be in court Thursday.

Kenyan Lecturers End Strike, Say Deal Reached With Government

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In their statement the lecturers said they had struck a broad agreement with the government on a range of issues including negotiations on better pay, clearing outstanding pensions, and a pledge not to victimize anyone for participating in the strike.

Lecturer Out as Teacher at UNL After Student Confrontation

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Lawton was among several people protesting recruiting efforts by the student for Turning Point USA, which advocates for conservative causes and maintains a "professor watch list" of faculty deemed radically liberal. Video of the Aug. 25 protest showed Lawton flipping off the student and referring to her as a "neo-fascist."

Should UK atone for broken promises to Palestinians?

Al Jazeera

The Declaration was the work of a British foreign secretary. On Novemeber 2, 1917, it declared the aim to establish a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine, but it forced out the Palestinian people. Those who remained in their homeland, and generations since, have been stripped of their rights under Israeli occupation. Millions of others are now living in refugee camps.

Kenya Govt Closer to Ending University Lecturers' Strike After Deal

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The government argues it cannot afford to pay more. But Kenyan members of parliament are among the most highly paid in the world, taking home around 1.2 million Kenyan shillings ($11,500) per month, including allowances, according to Justine Musila of the parliamentary watchdog website Mzalendo.