Deep Learning–Based Tissue Analysis May Benefit Colorectal Cancer Patients


Deep learning techniques may pave the way for a more accurate outcome prediction in colorectal cancer patients as compared to evaluations currently performed by an experienced human observer. Researchers at the University of Helsinki are reporting in Scientific Reports that they have created a deep learning algorithm that appears to help clinicians better predict patient outcomes based on colorectal cancer tissue samples. "In our study we hypothesized whether a deep learning–based algorithm can be trained to extract prognostic features from cancer tissue images without any expert-defined supervision. It appeared exciting that almost no domain expertise is needed to build accurate classifiers," said study investigator Johan Lundin, MD, PhD, who is the Research Director of FIMM-Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, at the University of Helsinki. The researchers combined convolutional and recurrent architectures to train a deep network to predict colorectal cancer outcome based simply on images of tumor tissue samples.

Positions for Exceptional Doctoral Students (deadline January 31, 2019)


The Helsinki Doctoral Education Network in Information and Communications Technology (HICT) is a joint initiative by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, the two leading universities within this area in Finland. The network involves at present over 60 professors and over 200 doctoral students, and the participating units graduate altogether more than 40 new doctors each year. The quality of research and education in both HICT universities is world-class, and the education is practically free as there are no tuition fees for doctoral students in the Finnish university system. In terms of the living environment, Helsinki has been ranked as one of the world's top-10 most livable cities (Economist, 2017), and Finland is among the best countries in the world with respect to many quality of life indicators, including being the overall #1 country in human wellbeing. Helsinki is in the second place in the world's startup city comparison (Valuer, 2018) and is also the Mobile Data Capital of the World (IEEE Spectrum, 2018). The participating units of HICT have currently funding available for exceptionally qualified doctoral students. We offer the possibility to join world-class research groups, with multiple interesting research projects to choose from. If you wish to be considered as a potential new doctoral student in HICT you can apply to one or a number of doctoral student positions (listed below).

Lecturers in Computer Science Aalto University


Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business. We are committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. Aalto University has six schools with nearly 20 000 students and more than 400 professors. Our campuses are located in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland. The positions are available at all levels of the Aalto University lecturer career system: University Teacher, University Lecturer and Senior University Lecturer.

Pair of giant pandas get snowy welcome in Finland

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HELSINKI – A pair of giant pandas has arrived in snowy Finland as China's gift to mark the small Nordic nation's independence centenary.

New AI method keeps data private


IMAGE: New machine learning method developed by researchers at the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Waseda University of Tokyo can use for example data on cell phones while guaranteeing data... view more