No Designer Babies, but Gene Editing to Avoid Disease? Maybe

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Some critics argue that families plagued by inherited diseases already have other alternatives -- adopt, use donated eggs, or undergo in vitro fertilization and discard resulting embryos that inherit the bad gene. But Charo noted that sometimes parents carry two copies of a lethal gene, guaranteeing any children inherit it. Others oppose the discarding of embryos for religious reasons.

Chinese researchers announce designer baby breakthrough

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Science has taken another step toward delivering the perfect newborn – or at least a bouncing baby free of certain genetic defects. Chinese researchers used a genome editing technique called CRISPR to rid normal embryos of hereditary diseases that cause blood disorders and other ailments, according to New Scientist. Experts who reviewed the project told the publication that, even though it involved just six embryos, it carries promise. "It is encouraging," Robin Lovell-Badge, a human genome expert at the Francis Crick Institute in London, told New Scientist. The acronym stands for "Clustered Regularly-Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats," and the technique is a method of disabling genes by introducing small mutations that disrupt the code of a DNA sequence.

'Project Runway' Fashion Designer Mychael Knight Dies

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An official cause of death has not been released, but Knight had extensively shared his five-year struggles with irritable bowel syndrome, writing in now-deleted Facebook posts that he suffered chronic abdominal pain, a "leaky gut," extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

These 3D printed designer chairs are the future of furniture


These chairs are proof that 3D printing our furniture is a viable alternative which opens up new opportunities for customization. UCL's Design Computation Lab is one of the pioneering institutions that is conducting research on additive manufacturing. They have successfully managed to create a chair that is made from a single line of printed plastic which is more than a mile and a half long. Drawing upon such successful examples, design brand Nagami collaborated with world renowned designers to create a collection of 3D printed chairs that are going to be unveiled during Milan Design Week 2018.

Designer Proteins That Package Genetic Material Could Help Deliver Gene Therapy

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In a recent article in the journal Nature, a team of bioengineers here at the University of Washington describe a new type of packaging built to protect genetic material, specifically RNA. This designer packaging consists of proteins which self-assemble into soccer ball-like nanostructures known as capsids. These tiny particles encapsulate RNA, allowing it to move around the bodies of mice for hours without being degraded -- sidestepping one of the biggest challenges to successful gene editing.