Xiaomi's next A.I.-packed voice assistant speaker may support Cortana


Xiaomi revealed through its Mi Community that it will offer a new voice assistant speaker for $30 in January. Sold by Xiaomi subsidiary Yeelight, the big deal with this device is that it will sport two virtual assistants: One based on Xiaomi artificial intelligence technology to be used within China, and Amazon Alexa for customers located in the Western market. This dual-A.I. support enables Yeelight to sell the voice assistant speaker on a global scale.

Hogar's Google Assistant speaker has a built-in smart home hub


Hogar Controls has unveiled the Google Assistant-powered Milo Smart Home Speaker with a built-in home hub that supports the Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee home automation standards. The versatile device can get you the news and weather from Google's AI, stream music across Bluetooth and WiFi, and control your blinds, lights, locks, thermostats and other devices via the hub.

Klipsch speakers are getting Alexa and Google Assistant voice control


Voice control was all the rage at CES 2017 and this year's show appears to continue the trend. This time, another big name in audio is getting into the game: Klipsch. The company will have options for both Alexa and Google Assistant, so you'll have some choice when it comes to the new feature and new audio gear.

42 Percent Of Smart Home Speaker Owners Have More Than One Device, Report Says

International Business Times

With products like the Amazon Echo and the upcoming Apple HomePod, the burgeoning home assistant market has seen a lot of moves recently. In the next year, that market is expected to get even larger. A recent survey from Edison Research and NPR indicated 42 percent of smart speaker owners have more than one home speaker. The report also includes other encouraging signs for smart speaker manufacturers: 70 percent of owners said they are listening to more audio at home and 65 percent of polled users said they wouldn't want to go back to not having a speaker in their homes. In the survey, parents said they were major fans of the devices.

Amazon vs. Google: Who's Winning The Voice-Assistant Speaker Market?

International Business Times

In the competition among voice-assistant devices, Amazon's Echo gadgets are taking the lead. Amazon is set to control 70 percent of the voice-enabled speaker device market this year, a forecast from eMarketer released Monday predicted. Amazon's Echo devices forecast leaves other voice-assistant devices behind, including Google Home. Google Home is expected to control 23.8 percent of the market while the remaining amount will divided among smaller players, including Lenovo, LG, Harmon Kardon and Mattel. Read: Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Which Device Has More Answers?