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Blizzard remastered the original 'StarCraft' so you can game like it's 1998


Instead, Blizzard Entertainment is cooking up a remaster of the 1998 original, with a spruced up 4K resolution sheen and an assortment of modern contrivances aimed at making it easier to play a 20-year-old game in 2017. SEE ALSO: Everyone on Twitch can't stop watching this new survival shooter The re-release, titled StarCraft Remastered, will launch this summer. Functionally, it's meant to be the game you remember -- none of the rules, mechanics, or any of the stuff that made StarCraft the gold standard of the real-time strategy genre will change. It's just going to look better. In addition to a new coat of 4K-friendly textures -- effectively, sharper versions of the original game's art with a wider range of supported aspect ratios -- all the dialogue and music has been re-recorded.

Google And Blizzard Team Up, Teaches AI How To Play StarCraft - EconoTimes


Google and Blizzard made a surprise announcement at the recent Blizzcon event in California. Through the machine learning platform DeepMind, the two companies will teach artificial intelligence to play StarCraft II. In doing so, the tech and gaming giants are hoping to teach algorithms to adapt to real-world scenarios and process data much closer to how humans do. AIs have been beating professionals at Chess and its more complex Japanese counterpart Go for some time now, The Verge reports. However, the set rules and rigidity of the patterns when playing both games are no longer enough to help machines learn flexible thinking.

'StarCraft Remastered' takes us back to 1998 this August


Blizzard is bringing 1998's StarCraft back to life with StarCraft Remastered Aug. 14, the developer revealed with a live action trailer Thursday. SEE ALSO: Someone found the original'StarCraft' source code so Blizzard showered them in gifts StarCraft Remastered, first announced in March, is intended to be the exact same game as the original StarCraft (and its expansions Insurrection and Brood War) but with vastly improved visuals and sound that help breathe modern life back into the nearly 20-year-old game. The original StarCraft -- and its expansion Brood Wars -- is one of the most highly regarded real-time strategy games of all time. Brood Wars helped put esports as a whole on the map with its wild popularity in the early- to mid-2000s. For fans of the original or those who never got a chance to play it, StarCraft Remastered is available to pre-purchase now on Mac and PC for $15.

This is what the world's top StarCraft players think of a potential contest with advanced AI


Message from the world's best StarCraft players to the world's most advanced AI: bring it on. The space-war computer game is widely regarded as the ultimate challenge for AI programs due to its complexity and rapid pace. Expectations for a match-up between a professional StarCraft player and sophisticated AI ratcheted up last year after an AI program beat a highly ranked human player at Go, one of the world's most difficult board games. At the time, a number of AI experts pointed to StarCraft as the next target for an AI-versus-man showdown. Among them: Demis Hassabis, the founder and CEO of DeepMind, the AI-focused division of Alphabet that created the triumphant Go-playing AI program, AlphaGo.

'StarCraft' Twitter account fires shots at EA


The StarCraft Twitter account turned up the heat on Tuesday, throwing shade at games with microtransactions and pay-to-win systems, likely alluding to the recent controversy over Star Wars: Battlefront 2.