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Chinese tech firm Huawei under fire after using a picture to promote camera

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Huawei has been forced to apologise after posting a'misleading' caption for a smartphone promotion picture. The Chinese tech firm shared an eye-catching picture of food writer Ella Woodward to advertise the low-light capabilities of its P9 handset with a caption that suggested it had been shot on the phone. But it came under fire after it emerged that the picture had actually been taken on a 4,500 Canon camera. The picture Huawei uploaded to Google had stylish lens-flare and showed Miss Woodward, known as'Deliciously Ella' in a grey top, with her hair crisply illuminated by sunlight. The caption underneath it read: 'We managed to catch a beautiful sunrise with Deliciously Ella.

Huawei P9 uses dual-cam tech to refocus

BBC News

Huawei has unveiled an Android smartphone that uses dual-camera technology to let owners refocus photos after they have been taken. The feature is the result of a collaboration between the Chinese tech firm and German camera-maker Leica. It means the P9 can create shallow depth-of-field shots more commonly associated with larger lenses. Analysts say the innovation could help Huawei promote itself as a premium brand and expand its market share. The Shenzhen-based company shipped more than 106 million handsets in 2015, representing 44.3% growth on the previous year, according to the research firm IDC.

Smartphone sales slumped by 22 MILLION devices last year

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Smartphone sales plummeted by 21.9 million handsets in the last year as customers appear to shun new phones. Experts say sales dropped by 6.6 per cent for the first quarter of 2019 compared to the start of 2018. Comments from consumers suggest they are growing weary of handsets that look, feel and perform in a similar way. One expert says users are fed up of'marginal gains' between each generation of handset, which fail to live up to the price hikes each year. Instead of buying a new device, people seem to be opting to stick with their old handset instead.

iPhone 7 Plus, Honor 9 And 4 Other Dual Lens Camera Smartphones

International Business Times

The dual-camera setup is one of the latest mobile trends in the mobile market, which has now made its rounds on a host of devices. Even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature a dual-lens camera. If true, the updated shooter may be one of the device's most exciting features. A dual-lens camera setup is able to composite shots from two lenses and incorporate different views into a single image. Often pairing an RGB color lens with a monochrome lens or a wide-angle lens with a telephoto lens, such a setup can allow for sharper imaging, special focus effects, such as Bokeh or for several zoom options.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is an AI-powered phone with a unique design


China's top smartphone maker, Huawei, has recently overtaken Apple in global smartphone sales and it's second just behind Samsung. But with their new, most ambitious smartphone yet -- the Mate 10 -- the Chinese company is finally ready to take on the competition from all sides. The first thing that really strikes you about the Mate 10 and its more powerful variant, the Mate 10 Pro, is the snazzy, sleek, compact design, particularly compared with the past models. Both the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro have an aluminium frame, glass back and front which is slightly bent around the edges and really slim bezels on top and bottom. On the back, the Leica-branded vertical dual-camera module is encased in a horizontal strip that is in a lighter colour compared to the rest of the phone.