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Dubai's Emirates, Turkish Airlines off US Laptop Ban List

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In Istanbul, Turkish Airlines tweeted that passengers aboard its U.S.-bound flights should "fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your own electronic devices." A statement from the airline said it had taken over 81,000 electronic devices away from passengers to store them in specially protected baggage during the 102 days the ban was in place.

Emirates Airline Says Profits Down 70 Percent in Past Year

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The company said in its earnings report that one of the biggest challenges it faced came as a result of actions taken by the U.S. government to heighten security vetting of travelers and restrict certain electronic devices, including laptops, in aircraft cabins. Dubai was one of 10 cities in Muslim-majority countries affected by a ban on laptops and other personal electronics in carry-on luggage aboard U.S.-bound flights.

In an ad featuring Jennifer Aniston, Emirates Airlines asks: 'Who needs tablets and laptops anyway?'

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Emirates Airlines, one of several foreign carriers affected by a new restriction on electronics on flights to the United States, is responding to the directive with the help of "Friends" actress Jennifer Aniston. Laptops, digital tablets, DVD players and other large electronic devices must be checked into luggage that is stored in the cargo hold. In an ad released this week, Emirates responded to the new restriction by showing Aniston playing games and watching movies on the airline's seatback entertainment system. "Who needs tablets and laptops anyway?" asks the message at the beginning of the ad. Later in the ad, after Aniston is shown using the backseat entertainment system on an Emirates flight, a message reads: "Over 2,500 channels of the latest movies, box sets, live sports and kids TV."

You can watch Netflix again on flights to the U.S. from Dubai and Istanbul


Passengers aboard an Emirates or Turkish Airlines flight to the United States from Dubai or Istanbul will no longer be at the mercy of in-flight movie selections (though Emirates has some pretty solid ones. So does Turkish Airlines, really). Laptops and other devices such as Kindles and iPads are once again allowed onboard after the airlines incorporated a new set of pre-flight security measures, Emirates and Turkish Airlines announced on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here's how to get your laptop to your destination Turkish Airlines even made a little promotional video for the occasion. Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your own electronic devices.

Airlines In Turkey And Dubai Cleared From Laptop Ban

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The airline announced it is now exempt from the laptop ban imposed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in March. The airline announced it is now exempt from the laptop ban imposed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in March. Two airlines in the Middle East say they have been exempted from a two-month-old ban on carrying large electronic devices aboard direct flights to the United States. Emirates, the Middle East's largest long-haul airline, said in a statement Wednesday that the ban was lifted, "effective immediately," on Emirates' flights from Dubai International Airport to the U.S. Also on Wednesday, Turkish Airlines announced the ban was no longer in place for its travelers departing the Istanbul Ataturk Airport for American destinations. U.S.-bound flights out on Etihad Airlines of Abu Dhabi International Airport were cleared Sunday.