Autonomous Vehicle Performance Supported by AI, ML For Stable Operation


The performance levels in an automated driving vehicle, from Level 1-5 need to be as accurate as possible, so as to enable smooth operation of the vehicle in the real world. Even the amount of disengagement of the vehicle from its autonomous mode to manual intervention needs to be highly-linear in nature. A number of these requirements are being met by new-age technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning. In auto mode, the vehicle needs to monitor its surroundings, and then take in all the information received through the various sensors and finally be able to take necessary actions for various scenarios. The algorithms built into these autonomous vehicles need to work accurately, learn new attributes of the environment, and finally react to different scenarios differently.

Head of TSA security operations removed from position

U.S. News

"Darby LaJoye will serve as the Acting Assistant Administrator of the Office of Security Operations," Neffenger wrote in the memo addressed to TSA senior leaders. "Darby LaJoye is an experienced Federal Security Director with successful leadership tours at two of the nation's largest airports, Los Angeles International Airport in California and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York."

How to put the IBM built-in data scientist to work for you - Cloud computing news


In modern IT operations teams, one of the biggest challenges is monitoring an increasingly complex environment--across many different tools--with fewer people. On top of that, teams face more pressure to avoid outages. And due to the immediacy of social media, outages can become very public, very quickly, negatively affecting customer sentiment of the company's brand. Some companies are choosing to employ data scientists to help them overcome challenges like these. The data scientist can use machine learning libraries to build a custom solution to help monitor their environment for potential problems.