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PlaySight - Sports Startup of the Week


About: Every PlaySight SmartCourt is connected to the cloud and internet, automatically capturing and broadcasting all on-court action. Automated player & ball tracking and AI algorithms ensure that PlaySight's cameras don't miss anything. On-court and off court player development & analysis tools give you a performance edge over the competition.

Little girl's dance moves are way better than whatever sports event is also happening


Little girl's dance moves are way better than whatever sports event is also happening Anessah is really setting a high bar for all future football games. The tiny sports game attendee delighted the crowd with her spot-on dance moves to "Juju on that Beat," which you might know as "that song from all those memes." Watch until the end for the most adorable mascot hug the world has ever seen.

Smoking near youth sports events closer to being banned in California

Los Angeles Times

Cigarette smoking would be banned within 250 feet of all youth sports events in California under legislation approved Thursday by the state Assembly. Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), who is a pediatrician, cited the health risk of second-hand smoke to young people when he introduced the bill. It was was proposed by an eighth grade class at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary School in Elk Grove. "Youth sports is about developing good and healthy habits and smoking is the exact opposite of that," Pan said after the vote on the bill, which is going back to the Senate for a final vote on amendments. The ban, which includes the use of electronic cigarettes, would go into effect next year.

India Hopes to Host 3 Sports Events, Including 2032 Olympics

U.S. News

Bach says India has the capability to host big events but advised it to wait for the bidding process to start. He said no procedure is currently open for the 2032 Olympic Games or for 2026 Youth Olympics.

Vaccine proof plans considered for some sports events

BBC News

The Racecourse Association (RCA), for example, said it would be speaking to the government and industry stakeholders "to understand the detail behind this plan", and said it would be a "significant logistical operation".