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More Than 25,000 Still Need to Finish Insurance Process

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Jim Wadleigh, CEO of Access Health CT, says customers must pay their first bill to their insurance company and send various documents verifying their identity, household income, citizenship or immigration status, in order for their coverage to begin. Customers have 90 days from the time their application was submitted to send in the documents.

Here come the Robots Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Insurance


Of course, if you discount the date, we also just launched the First Ever Robot-Run Insurance Agency which moves from Robotics to Robo Advice, a whole new world indeed.

5 Ways How Mobile Apps are Transforming Insurance Industries


Insurance companies can ride the wave of technology and develop a smart mobile app for insurance to connect with existing & potential customers while improving the operational efficiency of the agents. The whole process of settling claims can be efficiently handled with the help of a mobile app. Customers can easily initiate the claim process through their mobile app and get rid of hassles like calling the insurance agents or visiting the office personally. At the insurance company end, personnel involved in handling claims can be relieved and used in productive tasks like customer acquisition engagement. Dedicated mobile apps for insurance agents can be developed for training and education.

Robotic Process Automation in Insurance: Changing the Face of the Industry


What a company chooses, determines the pace of its growth. Processes such as underwriting, claims to process, and policy servicing, bring along with them a plethora of important but mundane and repetitive work, affecting the overall organization's efficiency. This is where the need to automate systems and manual processes arise. Robotic process automation (RPA), with the use of software bots to handle routine processes and time-consuming data entry work, is an objective solution for any organization to drive customer-centric strategies and scale up operations. Why is RPA a Good Fit For the Insurance Sector?

DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG goes public: AI and scalable IT as basis for growth


The company is the first listed Insurtech in Europe. The company is specialized in supplementary health and long-term care insurance and also offers property insurance. At the stock market launch, the DFV listed at a price of € 12.30. DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG is risk-carrier for its products, which it develops and distributes on its own. It has its own BaFin approval, makes profits and has almost half a million customers.