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Apple's HomePod is finally coming. Here's how it stacks up against Amazon and Google.

Washington Post - Technology News

Apple on Tuesday announced a Feb 9. release date for its smart speaker called the HomePod -- allowing the company that first popularized virtual assistants through its smartphones to finally enter the market for virtual assistants in the home.

Apple HomePod Mini review: Apple's $99 smart speaker needs to be either better or cheaper


Apple's new, cheaper HomePod is a tough smart speaker to nail down. On the one hand, the HomePod Mini boasts impressive audio quality for its size. The HomePod Mini also has a Thread radio that lets it act as a smart home hub, but for now, there are only a few Thread-enabled smart devices available to control. And while Apple's new Intercom feature makes for an easy way to broadcast messages to household members, it doesn't allow for two-way calling. Now, if you're a dedicated Apple user and you've been waiting for a more affordable Siri-powered smart speaker than the $300 HomePod, the $99 HomePod Mini is your best--and only--bet.

Apple Was Allegedly 'Dithered' With The Development Of The HomePod

International Business Times

Apple took three years to develop its Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker. According to a new report, the HomePod was originally just a side project at Apple it wasn't really intended to be an Amazon Echo competitor.