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EmotionCues: AI Knows Whether Students Are Paying Attention


Facial recognition technology was introduced in the 1960s, languished through the AI winter, and in recent years has taken off -- boosted by increasingly powerful deep neural networks. Facial recognition has been applied in Face ID device unlocking functions, public security services, smart payment systems and more. During Taylor Swift's 2018 "Reputation" tour, the American singer-songwriter's security team utilized the tech to safeguard her from stalkers. Now, a research team from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Harbin Engineering University has adopted facial recognition technology to analyze students' emotions in the classroom through a visual analytics system called "EmotionCues." Paper co-author Huamin Qu says the system "provides teachers with a quick and convenient measure of students' engagement level in a class. Knowing whether the lectures are too hard and when students get bored can help improve teaching."

Chinese Exam Authorities Use Facial Recognition, Drones to Catch Cheats

U.S. News

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese education authorities have gone high-tech to catch cheaters as millions of high-school students take their "gaokao", the annual university entrance exam seen as key to landing a lucrative white-collar job.

Student project places one person's face on another to thwart facial recognition software.

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Over the weekend, bizarre footage of a facial projection technology circulated on social media in connection with the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. The mysterious device shows a headband with a large digital projector, which projects a digital image of another person's face onto whoever is wearing the device. The device was assumed to be a countermeasure to the recent ban on face coverings in Hong Kong. Initially images from the 2017 art project were thought to come from the Hong Kong protests. In fact, the videos came from a 2017 art project called'Anonymous,' created by students at Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands.

Eyes to the front camera: Chinese facial recognition tech targets inattentive students


Surely at one point or another you've been caught daydreaming at school, but in future it might not be a teacher catching you first. In China, the Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School is trialling a smart classroom behaviour management system which uses cameras and facial recognition to keep track of student performance. The system is able to measure the expressions of students, including anger, annoyance, surprise, and of course, happiness. According to Hangzhou Network, the system can provide an alert to the teacher when a student's inattentive behaviour reaches a certain value. What else can surveillance cameras do in classroom other than exam supervision?

China's facial recognition AI has a new target: Students


China, in a bid to be the biggest big brother of them all, has expanded its already massive facial recognition AI system. What a great idea: Students at the Hangzhou No. 11 middle school are being monitored by a set of three AI-powered cameras that provide real-time emotional recognition and analysis. According to a report from, the system is quite robust: How much time do you have in one day? What are you doing when you are not focused? Which teachers' classes do students like most?