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You can now learn how to use photoshop for under £12 with this online course


In the current age of polished selfies and stunning panoramas, it is increasingly important to remind yourself that life isn't as perfect as it can sometimes seem online. Now, we are aware that the widespread airbrushing of social media is a problem, but who says you can't be a Photoshop crusader, working from the inside to take down this damaging trend? Nobody says this, that's who. The Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course is now available for £11.99, down from the usual price of £29.99. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about getting started with Photoshop.

Improve your public speaking skills with this online voice training course


When you are meeting someone for the first time, or meeting someone in a professional environment, perhaps in an interview, the way you communicate is absolutely vital. Maybe you have difficulties in communicating with people. Maybe you feel that your voice doesn't cut through the conversation, even when you have something cool and interesting to contribute. You'd probably love to have that rich, full, clear voice that people can't help but listen to. Maybe you create videos or podcasts, or need to do public speaking engagements, but your voice lets you down and kills your confidence.

This $34 Excel training course could help you land that next promotion


Don't listen to what Kanye West says. Don't burn that Excel spreadsheet. Or whatever Excel-related thing you have stored on your computer or smartphone. You're only doing yourself a disservice if you don't make the most out of the spreadsheet platform. Knowing Excel can do wonders for your career.

Online Training Infographic Engaging the Modern Learner


Today's modern employees put great value on continuous learning opportunities at work. They are willing to put in all the effort to develop their careers, but they also have high expectations from any training course they attend. So what can L&D departments do about getting them engaged in the learning process and make the most out of each training session? Training and learning doesn't happen just in a classic training setting, at fixed schedules. It needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Boost your brain with this cheap online training course


TL;DR: The Boost Your Brain 101 Course is on sale for £18.08 as of March 9, saving you 87% on list price. You're smarter than you think -- you just haven't tapped into your full learning potential. Believe it or not, there are tricks and techniques you can use to memorise things and learn concepts faster -- and actually retain the information. The Boost Your Brain 101 Course contains 14 lectures and is led by Eralp Sendan, a product and project management professional with over a decade of experience in digital media, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Throughout the course, Sendan explains the techniques he uses to commit concepts to memory.