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Amazon Echo Look Launches Amid Controversy - Star Cloud Services


It turns out the smart mirror in the smart home is actually a smart camera, what a surprise! With talks of Snap Inc. becoming a "camera company" and Facebook resounding in its ability to replicate the trends as usual, it's a bit ironic that Alexa now is not just a "smart speaker", but can literally live inside your camera. That's the beauty of the evolution of computer vision and machine learning. Since Amazon's native image recognition technology, "Reokognition", can do facial analysis, it's a shoe-in that sentiment analytics can be easily integrated into how Amazon can potentially live in your closet.

Amazon Echo Look Launches Amid Controversy - Star Cloud Services


Amazon's latest consumer product is a $200 Echo Look that enables fashion lovers a new way to capture, compare and let machine learning into their wardrobe. Echo Look is an oval-shaped good looking devices with LED lights and the voice-controlled camera we'd expect. Echo Look is basically an upgraded Amazon Echo; but is also able to take full-body shots and videos to help you with "style check" features and a pocket fashion guide. Who needs Facebook; when you have your Look Book assistant right beside you. Gone are the days Alexa only helps you with the news and the weather; now before you run off to work (or school), there's a smart mirror in your room.

Amazon Echo Look: An Alexa Powered Camera Device That Works As Your 'Style Assistant'

International Business Times

Amazon revealed Wednesday its latest Alexa device, the Echo Look, which wants to be your "style assistant" by judging your outfits. The Echo Look, is a hands-free camera which receives your commands through Alexa. The device takes full length photos and short videos of you with a built-in LED lighting, depth-sensing camera. The images taken by the Echo Look are focused on what you're wearing by blurring out the background so your outfits stand out. Read: Amazon Launches'Amazon Cash', A Credit-Free Way To Make Purchases: Here's How To Use It The Echo Look, which works kind of like a smart mirror, comes with an app for iOS and Android devices.

Amazon's platforms, ecosystems and speed are leading the way to a voice-first transformation


Video: Alexa rules at home but is the business world ready for smart speakers? From connected light bulbs, to plant sensors, to smart locks, and beyond, smart home tech is growing and evolving rapidly. Here you'll find the latest product reviews, news, and how-tos to help you connect your surroundings to the internet in the smartest way possible. Despite big mishaps like Alexa recording a private conversation and emailing it to a person on a contact list, the excitement around voice-first devices is on the rise. Juniper Research estimates that voice assistants used to control smart homes will grow from 25 million today to 275 million in 2023 and predicts that connected appliance shipments will rise 80 percent per year, on average, over that period.

Experts warn of Amazon Echo Look's privacy issues

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon's newly-announced Echo Look uses the company's Alexa AI to take photos and videos of you and make judgements on outfits. But experts have expressed concern over the privacy issues surrounding a camera that regularly takes and stores pictures of users and their homes. They say that Amazon must update its privacy policy and better-inform consumers of the technology's risks. Amazon has released the Echo Look, which is an Alexa-powered camera that takes full-length photos and short videos of you and your home. Amazon's Echo Look smart camera is priced at $200.