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Severe online harassment happens way more than you might think


A new survey indicates that social media is an even stinkier cesspool than we previously thought. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released the results of a survey Wednesday that found that over half of all Americans had experienced harassment online, and one in three Americans had experienced "severe" online harassment. The ADL defines severe harassment as behavior that includes "physical threats, sexual harassment, stalking and sustained harassment." These results could indicate an increase in the amount of harassment occurring online over time. Pew conducted a similar survey in 2017, and found that 41 percent of Americans had experienced harassment, and 18 percent have been victims of severe harassment.

How To Avoid Online Harassment While Teleworking

NPR Technology

Video conferencing became essential for some working from home during the pandemic. An NPR business correspondent explains what a Zoombomb is and advises listeners on telework safety.

Should We Feed the Trolls?

The Atlantic - Technology

The answer, of course, is that we are our real selves online as much as we are our real selves anywhere else. The Internet is the real world! This stuff should be easy. But it gets harder from here. Harassment has been a serious problem online since the dawn of the web.

Using AI to Make the Internet Safer - IT Peer Network


Today's Web--characterized by social media and user-generated content--is a powerful, open medium that gives everyone a voice. Unfortunately, some use their voices to bully or harass other users. Social media platforms, online bulletin boards, blog sites, media companies, and anyone else who opens up posts to comments, struggle to identify and deter online harassment. So Intel has joined with a number of other organizations to create Hack Harassment--a collaborative effort to reduce the prevalence and severity of online harassment through increasing awareness and accountability, advancing anti-harassment technology solutions, and effecting change for individuals and communities. Online harassment is a large and growing problem.

Facebook introduces new tools to fight online harassment


Facebook has been rightfully criticized for how it has handled (or not handled) harassment and abuse in the past. But today, the company announced a couple of new tools aimed at fighting online harassment and giving users more control over who can interact with them.