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The Productivist Blockchain project aims to create an open data stream whereby private individuals and companies of any scale can contribute to power the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The manufacturing world has reached a point where the only solution to prevail is through heavy investments, relocations and aggressive management. We, at Productivist, wish to offer a solution for this by providing an open, free and global alternative. In 2016 we created We have over 3000 certified freelabsters, companies or individuals, operating on this platform offering their services for both private or industrial projects.

How do we Democratize Access to Data?


OpenMined is a community focused on building technology for decentralized ownership of data and AI. Data scientists can pay users directly for their data and train AI models in a decentralized way. That's what keeps me going.

ICO's: PECULIUM, the first AI powered savings platform over blockchain (Crypto-savings platform) - bitcoiner today


PECULIUM is the first Crypto-Savings platform that combines traditional savings, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. PECULIUM allows you to invest and grow traditional savings in cryptocurrency based projects. It operates transparently over the Ethereum blockchain by means of "smart contracts". PECULIUM has created an ERC20 standard compliant token called Pecul (PCL) to interact with the platform.

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Time-series anomaly detection is a highly versatile ML app with use cases including credit card or transaction fraud detection, system health or cybersecurity threat monitoring, machine or hardware malfunction monitoring, event detection in IoT/sensor-based networks, and even monitoring own internal data pipelines/ETLs. Kevin will present first an overview of the anomaly detection and time-series domains as well as various relevant supervised/unsupervised methods and algos. He will then showcase some of them on his real-time AQ dataset, which is stored in TimeScaleDB and PostgreSQL. This dataset is collected from several dozens of cities worldwide, and four open-sourced Air Quality API feeds: OpenAQ, AQICN, AirVisual, WeatherBit. About the speaker: Kevin Chen is currently a self-taught ML practitioner concentrating on anomaly detection, time-series, streaming data, and (later) predictive analytics.

XMED Chain, Evareium Real Estate Investment and The Next Telegram: NYNJA - ICO Review #64


With focus on The value prop, likely hood of return and if any projects are similar we will take a look at some things I've been emailed about this week. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. I am a crypto enthusiast, take all information in that context.