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Digital technologies are creating value and rearranging roles in the travel industry. Here's how industry leaders are profiting from the change. Over the past 20 years, advances in digital technologies have driven numerous innovations and disruptions in the travel industry. These technologies and the companies that offer them have rearranged the industry, leaving some players behind--travel agents, for example--while introducing more complexity into the value chain between travelers and destinations. More recently, mobile technologies have taken center stage as consumer behavior shifts with astonishing speed toward researching and booking travel through smartphones.

Interview: Travel sector being disrupted by AI (Includes interview and first-hand account)


There are several drivers for the growth of artificial intelligence in the travel sector; these range from cost saving for travel agents to a preference by millennials to work with artificial intelligence and chatbots. As to what artificial intelligence can deliver, this ranges from answering questions about amenities, services and local attractions through to managing the booking process. To gain a clear insight into how artificial intelligence is being applied and what future disruption has in store, Digital Journal caught up with Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata (a consulting-oriented Analytics & Research firm based out of San Francisco, California). Digital Journal: What are the major trends in the travel sector? Anil Kaul: There are many.

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Biometrics on the rise – With increasing security concerns and in a bid to identify each individual uniquely, biometric systems have found their place on almost all airports for enhancing security and safety. Wearables in Travel Tech – Airlines have begun offering smartwatch boarding passes and thus have started recognizing the need to be aligned with the latest technologies. On the other hand, hotels are offering smartwatch apps that will allow users to access their door locks remotely. Geolocation-based services – It has become impossible to get lost in a place when you have a mobile device with an Internet connection. Geolocation applications are being developed and deployed by companies to helps tourists find their destinations easily. Virtual Reality - By leveraging the reality-bending technology in the travel and tourism space, companies are trying to give their customers a taste of several destinations from the comfort of their homes.

6 technology trends that are changing how we travel


Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the travel sector. It not only impacts the products and services companies provide, but how they're offered as well. Travelers benefit from improved customer service throughout their journey. Customer-facing roles are as important as ever. The best companies invest in technology to help their employees provide top-notch service.

Top 5 Ways to Use AI and Machine Learning in Hospitality


Technology is forever developing and for the better. Life has been made simple by mobile cellphones and other useful devices that have been embedded in our daily lives. You can communicate with people who are oceans across real-time and even see their face. All these social technological developments have proved the efficacy of technology in the day and age that we live in. However, technology has not only developed our social life, but a wide variety of commercial sectors have submitted to use different technologies that are at their disposal.