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Indian tea start-ups search for an exotic edge

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It is a competitive business, he points out: "It's a fact that most of these start-ups will close down soon after inception, but the few that survive have a shot at becoming the next unicorn [a company with a billion dollar valuation] given the huge popularity and product acceptance that tea has."

Indian start-ups take part in UK's AI talent event


A company statement said six Indian start-ups presented ideas that ranged from AI-enabled SaaS for rapid diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis, to a next generation of light-based AI hardware. EF has helped over 600 co-founders build over 120 companies in Asia. In early 2019, EF announced the $115 million first close of a new global fund, one of the largest pre-seed venture capital funds ever raised. This will allow EF to invest in over2,200 individuals over the next three years.

#Launched: Inside the real start-up battlefield

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Agrilyst, which won San Francisco TechCrunch Disrupt's Start-Up Battlefield in 2015, helps greenhouse operators run their operations more efficiently by pulling in data from sensors in the greenhouse and information about crop yields and other metrics. In season one of HBO's Silicon Valley, the entrepreneurs at fictional start-up Pied Piper make an appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt. The event's "start-up battlefield" -- a real event that's legendary among new start-ups in the real Silicon Valley -- launched Pied Piper into start-up success. HBO did their best to keep things as close to the real semi-annual tech conference as possible -- it even used the same banner printing company that TechCrunch uses. So how does the show's version of the startup battlefield stack up to the real world?

40% of Europe's artificial intelligence start-ups found to lack AI


Four in ten of Europe's artificial intelligence start-ups demonstrate little evidence of actually using AI in their products and services, according to a new …