"The First Time I Saw a Vision I Was a Child in a Cotton Field"


Having met so many 80-plus-year-olds in possession of a bottomless well of stories and life advice, we present the series "Interview With an Old Person"--which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. To nominate yourself or an elderly person in your life, email humaninterest@slate.com. Gertrude Johnson Howard: I was 3 years old on a big plantation, and my mommy and daddy still hadn't separated. And I saw all these white men, and they had on uniforms, and they had long rifles. And I was scared to death. We lived close to the county road, and I was outside playing. I ran in the house and told my mom, and the people got out of their cars and they came to the door. And they asked my momma, "Is John William there?" The sheriff was looking for John William, he had killed a man on the plantation. I was just shaking, just like somebody having a seizure.

Today in Entertainment: The 24-hour wait for 'Hamilton' tickets; exploring Disney's Pandora

Los Angeles Times

Teachers snag "Hamilton" tickets for history students Hollywood's art-lovers came out to fete Jeff Koons at the MOCA gala Hollywood's art-lovers came out to fete Jeff Koons at the MOCA gala Interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin, conducted by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, will air in a four-hour documentary that is set to air on Showtime on four consecutive nights beginning June 12. "The Putin Interviews" is culled from a series of a dozen interviews conducted by Stone with assistance from producer Fernando Sulichin. The most recent interview was recorded in February, after the U.S. election and President Trump's inauguration. The film will touch on allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election, the Kremlin's role in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the increasingly adversarial relationship between the United States and Russia, Showtime said in a news release. "If Vladimir Putin is indeed the great enemy of the United States, then at least we should try to understand him," Stone said in the announcement.

Essential California: Uber settles with drivers

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It is Friday, April 22. A new study finds people are flocking to San Francisco from New York, Seattle and Chicago. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State: Uber announced it will pay up to 100 million to drivers who had sought to be classified as employees. The move, if approved by a judge in Northern California, would settle lawsuits in California and Massachusetts. Those cases pose a potential threat to the company's business model, which relies on contractors.

Trump travel ban attacked at Screen Actors Guild awards

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Hidden Figures was the surprise winner of the top prize at this year's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, which was dominated by anger over Donald Trump's policies on immigration. The film, which tells the true story of black female mathematicians during the 1960s space race, won the best ensemble prize at the Los Angeles ceremony. Denzel Washington was named best actor for Fences. Several winners attacked Mr Trump's ban on immigration from seven countries. The tone was set by host Ashton Kutcher, who began the evening by greeting "everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my America".

Journalist Jorge Ramos detained and released in Venezuela

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The Venezuelan government briefly detained Jorge Ramos, the star Spanish-language television journalist, during an interview with the country's embattled president, Nicolas Maduro. Ramos and the Univision News television crew accompanying him were subsequently released. "Our team is out," Univision spokeswoman Rosemary Mercedes said in an email message to The Times Monday evening. About an hour earlier, Kimberly Breier, an assistant secretary at the U.S. State Department, said on Twitter that the agency had "received word the journalist Jorge Ramos and his team are being held against their will at Miraflores Palace by Nicolas Maduro. We insist on their immediate release; the world is watching."