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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advances the Cloud Experience Through Intelligence and Composability


WIRE)--Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced combined intelligence and composability offerings by integrating its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-driven HPE Primera storage platform with the composability in HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack1, helping customers rapidly deliver new apps and innovations to propel their businesses forward. This unique combination allows customers to deliver services on an intelligent cloud platform, offering the flexibility to support any application and service level agreement (SLA) with cloud-like agility, extreme resiliency, and seamless scalability. Additionally, expanding on the recent introduction of HPE Synergy support for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), HPE Composable Rack, the HPE composable rack-scale solution, now supports VCF for hybrid cloud deployments. This new offering provides cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments with a resilient and operationally efficient approach. Enterprises today want to accelerate everything – their apps, data, and innovation.

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SD-WAN Is Taking Charge of Moving Big Data


With so many user applications, devices and machines connecting to the cloud and corporate data centers, ever increasing amounts of data are being consumed and analyzed by corporations, utilities and government agencies to gain business insight. Social-media feeds and digital points of sales continuously collect data from consumer responses and crowd sentiment. This data gives retailers and others greater insights into customer behavior to help them to sell smarter. Companies resourceful enough to use this data to attract new customers and improve customer relationships are reaping huge competitive advantages. For this coveted data to be available, however, the distributed networks that deliver it must be agile, reliable and cost efficient.

Cisco Live 2018: 5G focus on making new revenue for carriers


One of the biggest concerns about 5G for service providers (SPs) is about how to make new revenue streams, Cisco Engineering SVP Service Provider Sumeet Arora has told ZDNet, with the networking giant focused on helping them do so. Given the amount of investment carriers are pouring into building out new mobile infrastructure and acquiring spectrum, it is particularly important that they form new use cases, he said at Cisco Live 2018 Orlando. "5G should be about new services, especially new enterprise services, that result in new revenue streams for service providers. If it just boils down to bandwidth and spectrum, it's going to be a lot of investment but not commensurate return," Arora told ZDNet. "So Cisco clearly has a lot of key bold stances on 5G, one of course is to help service providers make new revenue with their investment in infrastructure.

VMwareVoice: The Impact Of 5G On Major Events Around The World

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The transition from 4G to 5G wireless networks is a hot topic at Mobile World Congress 2017, with various industry players speculating on the near-term and long-term impact of fifth-generation cellular technology. Against that backdrop, VMware's own Pat Gelsinger, along with Patrick Adiba, Group EVP & Chief Commercial Officer at Atos, took to the keynote stage to share a perspective on what it will take to deploy 5G successfully in the coming years, with a focus on global sporting events as a natural proving ground for the promise and potential of 5G. Gelsinger and Adiba explored several provocative questions related to 5G: For example, with the exponential increase in data speeds promised by 5G, can we expect a new wave of immersive 3D experiences at massive scale? What are the security implications of the 5G standard? Can 5G address some of the economic constraints currently holding back innovation in new mobile services?