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We deliver software-driven networking solutions that help IT departments deliver better business outcomes.

Extreme Event Forecasting at Uber - with Recurrent Neural Networks


At Uber, event forecasting enables us to future-proof our services based on anticipated user demand. The goal is to accurately predict where, when, and how many ride requests Uber will receive at any given time.

Industrial IoT: Extreme Growth, Extreme Opportunities


The IoT has been influencing the creation of a connected world where unbelievable amounts of data are generated from just about every imaginable thing. These connected, and previously dormant, things are now going to be able to communicate- from my dog's collar, the milk carton, my car, my thermostat, my watch, my washer and dryer (not that I would particularly enjoy that conversation), you name it. This connectivity and mass data production is exciting because it is defining the future by creating an eco-system where a huge variety of technologies have to work together, thus breaking down silos. Coming from the telco world, that is refreshing. So what are we supposed to do with this influx of data and connected devices?

Extreme Networks Moves Into Edge Device Security With Defender fo


Extreme Networks is moving into IoT security with its new product, Defender for IoT, that secures wired and wireless devices. Gartner estimates that 20.4 billion connected things will be in use by organizations worldwide by 2020. And IoT device attacks are on the rise. The product targets smart cities, industrial IoT, and connected health care. It secures devices that don't have embedded security, said Abby Strong, vice president of product marketing at Extreme Networks.

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