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IntoTheBlock – Empowering Blockchain Intelligence


ITB is an intelligence company that uses machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto assets. Our machine learning algorithms combine hundreds of factors to extract unique insights about your crypto asset portfolio. ITB provides insights about crypto assets that everyone, not only sophisticated traders, can understand. ITB creates a holistic view of a crypto asset by analyzing hundreds of on-chain and off-chain factors. ITB regularly produces new insights and indicators that reveal new intelligence about crypto markets.

10 Patterns of Centralized Crypto Exchanges Explained Using Machine Learning and Data Visualizations


Centralized crypto exchanges are the most important black box of the crypto ecosystem. We all use them, we have a love-hate relationship with them, and we understand very little about their internal behavior. At IntoTheBlock, we have been heads down working on a series of machine learning models that help us better understand the internal of crypto exchanges. Recently, we presented some of our initial findings at a highly oversubscribed webinar and I thought it would be elaborate further in some of the ideas discussed there. There are several factors that contribute to the difficulty of understanding the behavior of centralized crypto exchanges.

Onchain Insights


This is a portion of a newsletter from the IntoTheBlock team that focuses on weekly data insights about the crypto market. We are trying to create a different newsletter for crypto fans. Every week, we are going to try to deliver valuable data insights about the crypto market. The crypto market is down this week 7.27%. Bitcoin price decreased by 5.57% to $9,638.54 after reaching the $10,000 mark last year.

IntoTheBlock Analytics Are Now Available in CryptoSlate


CryptoSlate is one of those brands in the crypto space that inspires admiration from the community as a reputable source of news, research and data. Famous for its regularly analysis about the market, CryptoSlate has quickly established itself as one of the most recognizable brands in the crypto space. Not surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of readers rely on CryptoSlate every day as one of their top sources of market intelligence about their favorite crypto assets. Starting today, CryptoSlate users will have access to even richer market intelligence with the addition of a subset of IntoTheBlock's crypto market signals. At IntoTheBlock, we are obsessed with democratizing access to real crypto market intelligence to both mainstream investors and super-sophisticated traders and researchers.

Intotheblock 5th Webinar: What Data Science Tells Us About Social Med…


At the moment, most analytic platforms are using lazy analyses that are fundamentally misleading There are three main techniques for social/news media analysis: sentiment, topic and tone analysis No single method is enough by itself 38.