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I think you are putting your cart in front of the horse a little bit... That is before stating the problem mathematically you need to have an idea of what data is there. This means both talking to the people who already use it on a day-to-day basis in order to understand their process, and seeing where and how it is stored. Then figuring out if it is suitable for the task at hand and what the business wants. Only then can you bother with stating it as a math problem, feature engineering, etc. IMO most of your time will go into figuring out the problem, understanding the data and cleaning the data, so you should put some more attention to that.

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning


Feature Engineering for Machine Learning Feature Engineering is a Representation Problem. Machine learning algorithms learn a solution to a problem from sample data. Welcome to Feature Engineering for Machine Learning, the most comprehensive course on feature engineering available online. In this course, you will learn how to engineer features and build more powerful machine learning models. Who is this course for?

Getting a computer engineering degree online: What to expect


Hannah Riley is a writer based in Seattle, WA. A former staff writer for Texts From Last Night, Pleated Jeans, and Ruin My Week, and a contributor to The Needling, her work has been featured on HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Funny or Die, The Chicago Tribune, Teen Vogue, and Playboy. Factors from flexibility to potential savings may tempt you to pursue a computer engineering degree online. But researching online programs can be overwhelming, so knowing what to expect before enrolling will allow you to focus on making the best choice. This page will guide you through online computer engineering degrees, from course difficulty to expenses.

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This course is suitable for complete beginners in data science looking to learn their first steps into data pre-processing, as well as for intermediate and advanced data scientists seeking to level up their skills. With more than 50 lectures and 10 hours of video this comprehensive course covers every aspect of variable transformation. The course includes several techniques for missing data imputation, categorical variable encoding, numerical variable transformation and discretisation, as well as how to extract useful features from date and time variables. Throughout the course we use python as our main language, and open source packages for feature engineering, including the package "Feature Engine" which was specifically designed for this course. This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Growing need for cyber security & engineering professionals


Ruston, La. - Cyber engineering and security is one of the fastest growing and top paying fields. Louisiana Tech University was the first college in the country to offer a bachelor's degree program in the field. Dean of the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech, Dr. Hisham Hegab says, "It really kind of grew out of some collaborations and work we did with the Air Force Office of scientific research. They were really letting us know about this need for this new type of professional." Cyber security and cyber engineering is a mix of computer science, electrical engineering, and math with a focus on cyber security.