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Ex-Tesla Worker Accused of Hacking Seeks $1M in Counterclaim

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Tripp alleges that up to $200 million worth of battery module parts for Tesla's Model 3 vehicle were incorrectly categorized as scrap earlier this year. He said more than 700 dented and/or punctured modules were not discarded and instead were being shipped or were in the process of being shipped to customers.

New Mexico Files Counterclaims in Water Fight With Texas

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New Mexico says it is meeting water delivery requirements. Texas wants the state to stop pumping groundwater along the southern border, arguing that the pumping depletes the aquifer that would otherwise drain back into the river and flow south.

Thomson Reuters announces Westlaw Edge, increasing role of AI and analytics


Thursday, Thomson Reuters launched Westlaw Edge, an updated, artificial intelligence-assisted legal research platform. The updates include new warnings for invalid or questionable law, litigation analytics, a tool to analyze statutory changes and an improved AI-enhanced search called WestSearch Plus. Wednesday, Thomson Reuters hosted a group of journalists at its Times Square office to demo and illustrate the new version of Westlaw. "We're swinging for the fences, we're going after harder problems," said Mike Dahn, senior vice president of Westlaw product management. Company representatives would not disclose the cost of the new offering.

2019 Highlights: Westlaw Edge Quick Check


As 2019 winds down, Legal Current is revisiting milestones and key accomplishments from the Legal business of Thomson Reuters this year. Today, we look at the impact of the Westlaw Edge Quick Check launch. In July, Westlaw Edge Quick Check became the latest addition to the Westlaw Edge legal research suite. The sophisticated artificial intelligence-based lawyer work product review and analysis tool allows Westlaw Edge users to quickly and securely review motions, briefs or text with citations to instill more confidence in their legal research and ensure they have not missed anything important. The launch earned praise from leading legal industry influencers, including TechLaw Crossroads' Steve Embry, who noted: "The beauty of the product lies, of course, in Westlaw's massive data base of cases and authorities.



We have made the difficult decision to shut down operations at ROSS Intelligence. As of Monday of this week, we have no longer been accepting new customers. As of January 31, 2021, the ROSS platform will no longer be available. Between now and then, our priority is to help our current customers transition to other services. Six years ago, we set out to make legal services more accessible by innovating legal research. We felt then, as we do today, that legal research could be more efficient, less expensive, and more accessible.