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OracleVoice: Top 4 CMO Priorities For 2017

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And chief information officers thought they had it bad? The joke used to be that CIO stands for "career is over," but I'm not sure what the joke CMO acronym might be, other than "clean my office out." Executive search firm Spencer Stuart puts the average tenure of chief marketing officers at 44 months--barely more than three years. Indeed, when much is given, much is expected. CMOs are now awash in customer data, and that's supposed to be pure gold, with no panning necessary.

Meet SALESmanago Marketing Automation Platform


What's on your mind when you hear the phrase "marketing automation"? Do you think of web tracking, lead scoring or maybe just email marketing? In short, marketing automation is a software platform that helps you to automate your marketing and sales processes to generate more leads and allow marketers to get their messages out to the right people at the right time. Let's shine a little light on the marketing automation, introducing you to its most important benefits. This will help you understand how automated marketing strategy can improve your business performance!

The evolution of marketing platforms: From automation to journeys


In the beginning, marketing automation platforms grew other channels and tools around their core of email marketing. The basic mode involved if/then rules: if a customer takes this action, show this response. But overlapping campaigns with if/then rules become very complicated very quickly, especially when you're talking about millions of customers, each one in a different frame of mind, and each expecting his/her own personalized experience. As a result, marketing platforms are evolving from their traditional if/then campaigns to the newer approach of customer journeys that are often guided by machine learning. It's the difference between setting up all the rules for the encounter on the one hand, B2B marketing startup YesPath CEO Jason Garoutte told me, and employing something like Netflix's recommendation engine, on the other.

Marketing platform Kahuna applies its machine learning across customer journeys


Since last fall, marketing platform Kahuna has been expanding its targeted channels beyond mobile, to include pop-up messaging on web sites and greater capabilities for email and in-app messaging. Now, the Palo Alto, California-based company is expanding again to focus on customer journeys instead of individual messaging campaigns, with the recent launch of Experiences for optimizing messages across a journey. This newest incarnation of its marketing platform, senior vice president for product Mihir Nanavati told me, allows the firm's RevIQ machine learning engine to be applied across all the paths taken by a customer toward the marketer's goal. Previously, he said, the platform focused on a marketer's ability to, say, send a email to a mobile user encouraging them to install a new travel app. Once installed, there might be an in-app message suggesting that the user search for airfare deals.

Biggest Digital Marketing Opportunities In 2019 Digitalnaveen


For one to have a successful business in the modern world, it is advisable to research and put into action various digital marketing strategies. These will help to get hold of a wider market as most customers have become tech-savvy. In 2019, one can exploit multiple digital marketing opportunities available. Smartphones have become very affordable. For this reason, people have resulted in watching less content on their TVs and are watching more videos on their phones.