Missouri State University to Spend $1.6M for Steinway Pianos

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The university's Board of Governors recently signed off on the plan to purchase the pianos designed by Steinway & Sons, the Springfield News-Leader reported . The 52 pianos will be delivered this fall and paid over a seven-year period. Funding for the pianos came from private donations, university funds and a college enrollment fee.

One's Smart Piano helped me play, but not understand


As a kid, I was given a book about a famous doctor who may or may not have been Albert Schweitzer. The first chapter is how he, as a young boy, learned the value of practice from his music teacher. It was a lesson he learned early enough to become not only a virtuoso musician but also a physician and philosopher. I suspect I was given the tome as a way of encouraging me to practice the piano in the hope of becoming as good as ol' Albo. That might be because I've never been one to practice too much.

The Nation's Only African American Piano Maker Counts Fans

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Shadd works out of his home and keeps costs down by marketing on the Internet and social media. His small staff includes Angela Mascia, who oversees logistics and international dealings, and several craftsmen who build the pianos in the Bronx. Shadd still recruits customers himself. Two years ago, he cold-called Caroline Perzan, a veteran set decorator who developed the look for "Empire," to convince her that his pianos fit the style of the series, about a music mogul. Perzan needed a piece for the ornate office of protagonist Lucious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard.