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Machine Learning Applied Scientist


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Machine Learning Isn't Rocket Science


Take two astrophysicists, an Apollo engineer, a guy who designed parts of the International Space Station, a professor of robotics, and a random science fiction writer, and what do you have? It sounds like a dream sequence from the TV show, "The Big Bang Theory," or the start of a science nerd joke. In fact it was the make-up of a talk panel at a recent science fiction convention where I was one of the guests. The panel was ostensibly meant to be a retrospective look back at the days of Apollo, but like many such conversations, it soon turned to thinking about the future, which led to the subject of machine learning (ML) driven artificial intelligence (AI) and its current capabilities. I expected an enthusiastic discourse, and so I was surprised when most of these actual rocket scientists seemed more ambivalent about the technology and its potential impacts.

AI and robotics experts will be the most sought after professionals in 2018 - The Siasat Daily


A lot of people have inhibitions regarding artificial intelligence taking over the world, and inevitably their jobs. And we've been seeing that in almost every sector. For example, a lot of jobs that were previously being done by humans are now increasingly becoming automated, and AI – like it or hate it – seems to be the way forward for many industries. But quite contrary to our fears, the increased adoption of AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) in business strategies and analytics will only increase jobs for human beings, according to recruitment experts. Human resource and search experts estimate that the AI buzz could generate a 50-60 percent higher demand for AI and robotics professionals in 2018, even as machines will take over repetitive manual work.

How AI can help to enhance user experience


Marketers are the store managers of the online retail world: it's up to them to ensure that visitors are having a good time and finding what they need. The challenge is insight: online store managers find it much harder to see what's really going on in the shop, compared to their real world counterparts. It's not immediately obvious why a particular product isn't selling online, or how customers are getting lost or sidetracked on their way to the checkout. That's why, over the past few years, companies in a variety of sectors have focused their attention on enhancing their user experience (UX). Often seen as a qualitative measure of how users'feel' while on websites, UX has historically been difficult to measure.

Senior Data Scientist, Core Experience Analytics


The front page of the internet, Reddit brings over 430 million people together each month through their common interests, inviting them to share, vote, comment, and create across thousands of communities. The Core Experience team at Reddit is focused on bringing a modern and cohesive experience to all of Reddit's platforms. We want Reddit users to experience best-in-class UI/UX on every platform. Reddit should be intuitive for new users and delightful to use for existing users. As the first Data Scientist on the Core User Experience team, you will directly drive this mission forward.