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Uber developing self driving bikes and scooters that automatically return to their charging stations

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Uber is developing self driving electric bikes and scooters that can drive themselves back to their charging stations after use. The firm is already hiring engineers for the project, which is calls'micromobility'. It is hoped that by returning to their stations themselves, Uber can avoid the problem of dumped scooters and bikes that have plagued current services. It announced the project at an Oakland event for teams racing self driving mini cars. 'Micromobility' autononomous scooters & bikes that can drive themselves to charging or better locations.

Scared to ride? These e-scooters drive themselves to be cleaned.


Bike- and scooter-sharing isn't as compelling as it used to be, so companies are stepping up cleaning procedures. One scooter rental company is launching an extensive sanitization program in an Atlanta suburb with remote-controlled autonomous scooters. Go X e-scooters teamed up with Tortoise to put its autonomous-capable software and cameras on its fleet in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Starting Wednesday, a six-month pilot will send the scooters on their own to a cleaning hub after a rider rents a scooter. A cleaning crew will disinfect the scooter and then send it off where it'll be ready for another ride request, with a sticker to indicate it's been properly cleaned.

Futuristic 'driverless pods' are transporting passengers around a shopping centre

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Futuristic'driverless pods' are transporting passengers around a shopping centre near Bristol as part of a trial that could see them rolled out across the UK. The trial is being run by infrastructure company AECOM and, if successful, could lead to a full'open road' trial later in the year. AECOM is testing the vehicles at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, just north of Bristol to see how they navigate large everyday obstacles. The British-made electric vehicles operate entirely autonomously, so the team wanted to test them in an area with pedestrians, scooters, bikes and animals. This is the first trial of the future transportation solution that will not have a'supervisor' monitoring the controls while passengers are inside the moving pod For the trial a pod will drive between the shopping centre and its car park, giving people a'taster' of what it is like to travel inside, says AECOM.

So Uber Wants Self-Driving Bikes and Scooters. Why? And How?


Really, it was only a matter of time before somebody thought to combine today's hottest transportation trends: shared electric scooters and autonomous driving. Over the weekend, Uber reportedly unveiled a micromobility robotics division at a robotics meetup in the Bay Area. Though the company declined to confirm or comment on the new addition, the division will reportedly explore how to make the scooters and shared bikes it's now deploying alongside its cars capable of riding themselves. The key questions, then, are the classic ones--why and how. The "why" makes, well, a touch of sense.

Huawei uses its Mate 10 Pro smartphone to drive a CAR

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Huawei has unveiled the 'world's first' smartphone-driven car. An incredible video shows the Mate 10 Pro handset taking control of a Porsche using its artificial intelligence chip.