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French fishermen assault British boats over scallops

Al Jazeera

French fishermen have been accused of endangering the lives of British fishing crews after violent confrontations over scallops. About 40 French fishing boats threw smoke bombs and rammed the British vessels in the English Channel. British boats are allowed to fish in the area. But the French say it is depleting shellfish stocks.

Scallop row: UK and French fishermen strike a deal

BBC News

British and French fishermen have reached a deal to end the scrap over scallops in the English Channel. The agreement, starting on Tuesday, will see larger British boats withdrawing in return for greater fishing rights elsewhere. In August, boats collided and fishermen threw stones at each other as the French accused UK boats of depleting scallop stocks. British fishermen said they were legally entitled to fish there. Under the terms of the new deal, UK scallop dredgers over 15m long will leave the scallop beds off the coast of Normandy from midnight for six weeks.

Reality Check: What are the rules on scallops?

BBC News

French fishermen have clashed with their British counterparts off the coast of Normandy in a dispute over scallops. But what are the relevant rules? Scallops are among the more valuable shellfish, coveted for their delicate taste. They're causing trouble in the Channel, where French fishermen say UK rivals are "pillaging" stocks off the coast of Normandy. British fishermen say they are operating within the law and that French boats have no right to try to stop them dredging in the Baie de Seine area.

Scallop war: French and British boats clash in Channel

BBC News

French fishermen have been accused of throwing insults, rocks and smoke bombs at their British rivals in the English Channel in a vicious scrap over scallops. The clash happened around 12 nautical miles (22km) off the Normandy coast, near the Bay of Seine. British boats are legally entitled to fish in the scallop-rich area. But their presence has infuriated the French, who accuse the British of shamelessly depleting shellfish stocks. Now UK fishermen are demanding government protection, while the French bewail the loss of a "primary resource".

French, UK Fishermen to Seek Scallops Deal After Sea Skirmishes

U.S. News

After similar clashes in 2012, French and British fishing organizations negotiated an agreement each summer under which the UK fleets do not start scallop dredging in the Baie de Seine before the French, in exchange for part of the French fishermen's dredging permits.