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Meghan Markle's Critic Germaine Greer Slammed For Disparaging Comments About 'Suits' Star

International Business Times

Germaine Greer is in hot waters after making disparaging comments about Meghan Markle in her recent interview. Greer appeared on "60 Minutes." During her guesting, she said that Prince Harry and Markle's marriage is doomed. She bolted before," Greer said (via, "I hope in a way that she'll bolt but maybe she'll take Harry with her."

Has #MeToo failed?

Al Jazeera

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted in Hollywood in October 2017, a tsunami of accusations of sexual harassment and assault followed, accompanied by a hashtag: #MeToo. Dozens of high-profile men have been implicated in the campaign, which rapidly morphed into a global phenomenon, crossing industries and borders and reaching the powerful. Many feminists see #MeToo as a seismic shift, but Greer has questioned the value and efficacy of the movement, arguing that "there hasn't been a reckoning ... it actually didn't get anywhere. And it has a downside as well, which is presenting women as victims". Greer has been one of the world's most influential feminist voices since the 1970 publication of her bestselling The Female Eunuch.

Meghan Markle 'Not Allowed To Shine' In Royal Family, Says Feminist Author

International Business Times

Meghan Markle is not allowed to shine as part of the royal family, according to Germaine Greer, a feminist author. During her appearance on "This Morning," the 79-year-old said that Markle will also bolt after her May 19 wedding to Prince Harry. "She's not being allowed to shine at all. You send her to the dawn Anzac service, the poor thing sits there in the dark and people stick into what she wore," Greer said (via Express). The Australian native is also convinced that Markle's life turned upside down ever since she started dating the prince.

The body of son of country music singer Craig Morgan has been found after boating accident

Los Angeles Times

The body of Craig Morgan's son Jerry Greer has been found, representatives for the country singer have confirmed. The 19-year-old went missing in a boating accident Sunday in Tennessee. Sheriff's Department recovered his body this evening after a search that began Sunday following a boating accident on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee," read a statement released Monday evening. Greer was found still wearing his life jacket, authorities told People on Tuesday, noting that the boaters had been tubing legally, with proper safety equipment onboard. It was unclear why he didn't resurface.