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Snapchat Developing $300 Spectacles Successor, Another Upgraded Model

International Business Times

If a recent report is to believed, Snap Inc. could be developing two new versions of its Spectacles smart glasses. One model is claimed to come with a hefty price tag of $300, which is almost twice the value of the $130 first-iteration of the product.

Snap debuts Spectacles 2, and they're better than the original in almost every way


Snap "we're a camera company" Inc. just launched its second piece of hardware: the next version of its camera-enabled Spectacles, which are on sale now. If we're comparing to the originals, then Snap has improved the glasses in just about every way. The design is slimmer and looks more like regular sunglasses, the video quality is better, they're waterproof, and they can finally snap still photos in addition to 10-second video clips. And if you were hoping for augmented reality features or a fancy dual-camera version, then you're going to be disappointed. What you get instead is a solid -- if slightly boring -- update that feels like what Spectacles should have been all along.

Snapchat admits lessons learned, reveals second-generation Spectacles


On Thursday Snap, the parent company of Snapchat announced the second-generation of its Spectacles sunglasses. The sunglasses are equipped with a camera to capture videos and for the first time, photos, that users can share in Snapchat. Spectacles first launched in late 2016, with the company using vending machines that would randomly show up throughout the US as to lone means to get a pair of glasses. With such a unique method of distribution, the company created a lot of attention and hype around its first hardware product. And as the hype grew, so did the number of Spectacles Snap had manufactured.

How to order prescription Snapchat Spectacles


Prescription lenses for Spectacles, Snap's video-camera glasses, have arrived. Rochester Optical, a lens manufacturer based in Rochester, New York, is now cutting and selling prescription lenses for Spectacles, the company announced Thursday. The lenses start at $99 and cost depends on prescription strength, lens type and coating. The lens types include standard plastic, high-index, polarized Rx Sun or photochromic. Interested purchasers must complete an online order form and then ship their Spectacles directly to the store.

Snapchat might launch two new camera-equipped Spectacles this fall


The company is reportedly planning to release two new models this fall, according to a report from Cheddar. SEE ALSO: It's official: Android is out of ideas The first new version of Spectacles is rumored to come with a single camera and focus on improving performance. The other new pair of Spectacles reportedly has two cameras -- one on each side of the frames -- and could cost around $300; current first-generation Spectacles sell for $130. Additionally, Snap, Inc. might also license its wearable camera technology to other eyewear makers such as Luxottica and Warby Parker, according to the report. Snapchat plans to release a new version of its camera glasses despite underwhelming sales of the original model.